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Natural Allergy Treatment in Your Home

Dr. Ynge Ljung

Creator of The Allergy Kit

The Allergy Kit is the first natural, at-home allergy treatment that allows you to easily eliminate your allergy symptoms.

We don't believe that customers should settle for getting their lives back. The Allergy Kit was specially formulated for a better life.

About Us + Our Mission

The Allergy Kit Creates Homeostasis In the Body Fast Without Needles or Pain!

Our holistic therapy is widely recognized as a natural, non-invasive, non-pharmacy, homeopathic solution.

Utilizing groundbreaking technology based in Modern Acupuncture Science, we can now shift how our body perceives and reacts to some of the most common allergens like chicken, eggs, milk, cheese, sugar, B vitamins, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, wheat, gluten and much more!

The Allergy Kit vs NAET

NAET is the largest and most popular treatment protocol offered by practitioners.
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Allergies, Sensitivities & Intolerances

Allergies have to do with the immune system. You can be allergic to anything and everything. 
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Listen to Dr. Ynge's interviews with Dr Ben Johnson, Ashly Kohly, Malinda Zarate, Kat James, and more.
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Questions & Answers

Dr. Ynge answers frequently asked questions about the Allergy Kit.
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The Protocol

The Allergy Kit™ along with The Allergy Kit™ Protocol helps to retrain your body to properly digest normal harmless substances instead of activating your immune system causing difficult, painful outbreaks and reactions.

Our Guarantee

We’re proud to offer our transparent promise and 30 Money Back Guarantee.

  • You can Talk to Us – Anywhere in the World – Facebook, Email or Live Chat.
  • You will receive your Allergy Kit with Full Instructions.
  • Easy to Understand, Expert Nutritional Advice is available easily online.
  • We promise to resolve any complaints fully within 7 days.
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

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Get more information about how The Allergy Kit can help with specific allergies.
Get more information about how The Allergy Kit can help with specific conditions.
  • Tracy McDonoughTracy McDonough

    Amazing information... a must try! Ynge Ljung is a master in her field... thank you!

  • Melissa Lynn McKeeMelissa Lynn McKee

    The allergy kit cleared my allergies to all dairy, chicken, and gluten! I'm now ready to start treating my remaining allergies not covered through the kit.

    Update (6 years later, 3/11/2019):
    Dr. Ljung, I thank God for you and your amazing work in developing The Allergy Kit! I know that finding The Allergy Kit was a direct answer to prayer. Your treatments have been life-changing for me, my husband, and our daughter. I send people to your website regularly in hopes of helping others reclaim their lives too. I have successfully eliminated reactions to more than 50 allergies/sensitivities for myself, just as many for my husband, and now several for our daughter (started as an infant).
    To the skeptic, I want you to know that I was one too, but decided to try The Allergy Kit without telling anyone about it because I was desperate and they provide a 30-day money back guarantee. Not only does the medical community says there is no effective for food allergies, but the treatments seemed strange to me and I figured others would think I was crazy. However, I can’t keep this amazing answer to prayer a secret because in my pleading with God to bring me healing and provide answers, I promised I would share the answer if He provided it. So far, that answer has been 1. The Allergy Kit and 2. Detox the liver (NOW Liver Refresh is a good option). May God bless you on your health journey!

  • Jennifer BrowningJennifer Browning

    I started with the allergy kit after many months of NAET treatments and have found greater success with the allergy kit’s self treatments system with the laser and tapping methods. I’ve found Ynge to be available and extremely helpful in helping me pinpoint where my issues are stemming from and which vials will best serve me. It’s a central part of my life now.

  • Mimi TugaoenMimi Tugaoen

    I have been doing NAET treatments regularly prior to discovering The Allergy Kit. Unfortunately, I have severe food allergies caused by my body's reaction to on-going emotional and physical stressors in my life. By completing numerous NAET treatments over the last 5 years, I found NAET would temporarily eliminated my allergies for 12 to 15 months requiring me to redo the treatments year after year at a price of $1,500 per year. Since learning about The Allergy Kit I've stopped my NAET treatments altogether relying solely on The Allergy Kit for relief. I've studied The Allergy Kit treatment instructions on their website at length and perform the directions as consistently and thoroughly as I possible can. I've also purchased additional food and emotion vials off the website in an effort to strive for even greater health to achieve a truly allergy-free lifestyle. After having success with The Allergy Kit, I now appreciate owning my own treatment system I can economically use over and over again. I also enjoy being able to administer my treatments independently and conveniently at home and in accordance with my busy life schedule.

  • Heather Taylor HewettHeather Taylor Hewett

    I am a traditional Naturopath and have used Bioset electro dermal screening. I have to say Dr. Ynge's kit is amazing. I myself have a highly sensitive body and have had sensitivity issues to people, places, and things. Her allergy kit has helped not only me be able to get healthier and desensitize to allergens but my children as well. I highly recommend this kit.

  • Malinda ZarateMalinda Zarate

    The Allergy Kit made a huge difference for me with my digestion and my skin tone and clarity has improved. I had no idea it would impact me in so many positive ways!

  • Erin ElizabethErin Elizabeth

    A couple of months after my third pregnancy, my appendix ruptured. I feel that this in addition to stress from a child’s chronic illness had done some damage to my inside gut lining.

    I was unable to eat anything but easily digested foods without my body going into a diverticulitis attack. After eating blueberries I had to miss an entire days worth of 4th of July celebrations. The fine seeds in the blueberries trapped themselves into my gut lining, causing me to vomit all day long with sheer abdominal pain. The energy completely got wiped out from me. After a few days of ginger tea and chicken broth the symptoms slowly started to taper off.

    For months I stuck to soft foods like fully cooked oatmeal, rice, and steamed vegetables. I had to steer away from anything with seeds in it, raw vegetables that are hard to digest, and greasy foods. All would cause me to get horrible abdominal and backaches because my body was not properly digesting.

    One day I ate a nibble of a cucumber peel. That was just enough of a hard substance for my body to digest that within 5 minutes I could feel the diverticulitis attack coming on. An hour away from home, I had to endure a ride of severe doubled-over pain, while laying on the floor of my vehicle. Instantly I was drained again from all energy. The pain was so severe I thought I was going to die. It was worse than child birth. Once I got home I took a hot Epsom salt bath and drank some ginger tea to get the symptoms to subside.

    I was already on a limited diet because I was nursing an infant with food allergies and now I had to stay away from several other foods for my own good. I started to lose weight fast, and being underweight to begin with this created not a very good situation.

    After learning about NAET treatments, I began looking into something similar but home treatments of the same concept. To be able to attend NAET treatments I would have had to drive 5 hours one way because of the remote location in which we live. To be able to treat my health while at home would be ideal.

    I discovered a company called The Allergy Kit. Initially, I purchased the premium kit hoping to treat my child who has severe allergies. While treating him I decided to treat myself as well, figuring it couldn’t hurt to get some more health back into my life.

    It has been about a month since I finished treating myself with all 7 vials of the premium kit. I am pleased to say that I am now eating those hard-to-digest foods with ZERO diverticulitis attacks! I can drink smoothies with strawberries in them and the tiny seeds no longer get lodged into my gut lining. I can eat raw cauliflower without stomach aches. I can eat bacon without feeling sick. I am even starting to gain some weight back!

    The Allergy Kit treats for more than just allergies. It helps the body system to heal. It helps to realign the systems and helps to train them to perform as they should-instead of being in stress mode.

    I want to extend a great thank you to Dr. Ynge Ljung, the creator of The Allergy Kit for helping me to get my health back in a non-invasive, chemical-free manner. A friend a week ago asked me how I have been feeling as I was able to tell her that I feel like I am in “optimal health.” Thank you Dr. Ljung!

  • Sunny Hawkins McIntoshSunny Hawkins McIntosh

    This has saved my life. I was allergic to so many things, I wouldn't be here today without this. As a single mom this has been a big expense, but when I compare it to what I would have spent going to a doctor for NAET, I have saved so much money. I still have a few more vials to treat, and I am looking forward to feeling that much better.

    I love that I can use the vials over and over, and the results are miraculous. When my son's eyes swelled up due to seasonal allergies, it took a few treatments but with each treatment he could feel some improvement. I have had coworkers and friends try it and they all have been amazed. Many didn't believe it would work, because they are used to a Western approach, but they bravely tried it, so I'll share some stories:

    P- allergic to dust, sneezing constantly at work. He was thrilled to see this greatly diminished. I didn't have the dust vial at this point, so we just figured he'd be exposed because it was in the air all around us. I think we would have had better results with the vial.
    J - his lips were completely bloody. 24 hours after one treatment with skin/organ mix, his lips were pink with just a few tiny scabs on them.
    K - said his mouth hurt when he drank orange juice. We treated citrus and fruits with no effect, then I remembered it's important to treat your own saliva. He said that worked.
    E - seasonal allergies, she sent a text saying she was so grateful she didn't have to worry about these anymore.
    T - was in the hospital a few days and got diagnosed with Crohn's disease. He treated the basic kit, stress, skin/organ mix, digestive enzymes and stomach/amino acids. He told me he went back for a scope and had no more Crohn's. He said he believed it was the kit that helped.
    S - Also had crohn's disease, tried a few of the vials, said they didn't notice a difference and returned the kit.
    U - Allergic to most foods and had very low energy. She tried the thyroid/hormone vial, said she didn't feel a difference.
    S - Said his tongue would get cracks in it when he ate pineapple. S did a treatment for pineapple, then I asked the next day if it worked. He said "I didn't even think about it, but my tongue was fine." A few weeks later we had another party and there was pineapple so he ate a whole plateful. He told me "it works, but I'm still going to make fun of you." haha
    E - was dizzy, said her whole family has thyroid problems. I had her treat the thyroid/hormone vial and she said "woah, that did something." I said "what did it do?" and she said "I don't feel dizzy anymore."
    T - got stressed out and had to take many days off. T treated the stress vial and said he could tell an improvement. He was able to handle work again.

    It's pretty amazing to watch a rash disappear after doing one treatment, or to be able to eat foods that used to give me heartburn. Nutrition is so important, but you can't access that nutrition if you're allergic to it.

  • Kellie KuechaKellie Kuecha

    Highly recommend! My entire family has used this wonderful kit! Thank you!

  • Nellie BarkerNellie Barker

    The Allergy Kit has been a life saver for our family and has hugely transformed our eight year old son. The kit is very easy to use, very affordable, is non-invasive, and since it is energy work, there are no drugs being put into the body! Totally safe! Extremely violent behaviors, anxiety, brain fog, obsessions, autistic behaviors all decreased dramatically after using The Allergy Kit. This kit alone helped our family so much and how it can really transform yours in an extremely positive way. I can't thank Dr. Yung enough for this kit! I recommend it to literally everyone!! With attention to diet and several treatments, we are seeing such a profound difference! Thank you for making a difference in our lives!

  • Ame RussellAme Russell

    My husband and I recently used The Allergy Kit. It was easy to use at home. He has overcome his addiction to sugar! And I can now enjoy nuts again! We are feeling better and have more energy. My daughter is using the kit now. Hopefully she will have the same success!

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