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Allergy to Cats

The Allergy Kit's Cat Allergy Treatment is a natural allergy treatment based loosely on NAET. It addresses the real problem: an overactive immune system. Pet allergies are on the rise and allergies to cats seem to be the most common. Mostly we have the idea that we are allergic to the hairs and/or the dander coming from the fur, […]

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Allergy to Dogs

The Allergy Kit's dog allergy treatment helps families with dog allergies feel better fast. Nearly 40% of U.S. households have a dog and allergies are on the rise. Symptoms of Dog Allergies are usually similar to the allergies to cats: Asthma Coughing Chronic, itchy throat Hay Fever Hives Inflamed eyes Itchy Nose Nasal congestion Sneezing […]

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Allergy to People

For the first time, The Allergy Kit's people allergy treatment allows you to treat yourself for any member of your family with whom you are not getting along. How can you have a good relationship with someone to whom you are allergic? The Allergy Kit is easy to do and it will improve your family’s […]

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Food Allergies in Children

Food allergies in children are on the rise. One reason could be that their parents or grandparents have allergies for which they were never treated. Allergies can be inherited. Some babies are even allergic to their mother’s milk and a breastfeeding mother may often notice the effects on the baby of what she has been […]

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Peanut Allergy

Peanut allergy can be very serious. If the person suffering the allergy is very sensitive, consuming peanuts can be life threatening. Since peanuts are included in so many foods and may cross-contaminate other nuts during processing and packaging, people can easily be exposed. For some, just a little “whiff” of peanut dust can throw them […]

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Shellfish Allergy

Shellfish allergy is fairly common and shellfish is among the 8 foods or food groups that make up 90% of all serious allergic reactions in the US (CDC). Some people are allergic to all kinds of shellfish while others only react to certain shellfish like shrimp and lobster. Depending on the level of sensitivity, a […]

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Soy Allergy

Soybeans are in the legume family, like many other beans such as navy beans, kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, lentils, carob, and peanuts. Soy is considered to be one of the big eight allergens. Almost all soy is GMO. This means that not only is it dangerous because of the gene manipulation, […]

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Tree Nut Allergy

Our Tree nut allergy treatment is important because tree nut allergies are one of the most common food allergies in children and adults, being one of the “big eight” foods people have an adverse reaction to, sometimes even fatal. The Allergy Kit's natural allergy treatment stops tree nut symptoms by reprogramming the immune system to accept […]

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