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Allergy to Dogs

The Allergy Kit's dog allergy treatment helps families with dog allergies feel better fast. Nearly 40% of U.S. households have a dog and allergies are on the rise. Symptoms of Dog Allergies are usually similar to the allergies to cats: Asthma Coughing Chronic, itchy throat Hay Fever Hives Inflamed eyes Itchy Nose Nasal congestion Sneezing […]

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Allergy to Cats

The Allergy Kit's Cat Allergy Treatment is a natural allergy treatment based loosely on NAET. It addresses the real problem: an overactive immune system. Pet allergies are on the rise and allergies to cats seem to be the most common. Mostly we have the idea that we are allergic to the hairs and/or the dander coming from the fur, […]

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Why Organic?

Why should we eat organic food? Is it really worth it? It's so much more expensive than the so-called normal food. Glyphosate, a systemic herbicide and the active ingredient in commonly sold products has now been classified by The World Health Organization as a category 2A carcinogen. But, is Glyphosate the only culprit? In an […]

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What is Up With Wheat?

We hear a lot these days about how wheat is not good for us. How can that be? Wheat is and has been a staple food for so long. How can it not be good for us? There are many reasons. Firstly, we didn't eat all white, processed wheat in the old times. Then, the […]

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