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ashly-kohlyInterview with Ashly Kohly

Ashly Kohly is Mrs. Central Florida America 2008 and Mrs. Winter Park 2009-2010. She is a two time best selling published author and a weekly radio host of the Ashly Kohly show broadcast nationwide on Heartbeat Radio For Women. Go to radio tab and click on icon to listen.

Ashly started acting and writing in six grade, as the TV morning announcer while writing for the school newspaper. Born in Alexandria, Virginia raised in Winter Park, Florida, this Cuban French brunette with green eyes has been passionate about the craft ever since.

A graduate of Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Ashly has written and produced three made for TV television shows, hosted and co-hosted several TV shows, and been the spokesperson in many infomercials as well as featured in several industrials and commercials.
Ashly Kohly is very professional, dynamic, energetic, focused individual with a great sense of humor who takes direction well.  While having experience and creative content to offer producers in front of and behind the camera as well. Ashly says, “Broadcasting is a full time passion for me-it allows me to be highly creative, while bringing a sense of humility and balance.”

Interview with Dr. Ben Johnson

The only medical doctor featured on the hit movie "The Secret"

Dr. Ben Johnson’s medical career spans over thirty years, from his graduate work in immuno-pathology in 1976 to his current concentration-writing and speaking on staying healthy, especially for women in the area of breast health. In 1997 Dr. Johnson began to formally combine conventional and complementary medicine, moving back home to Georgia and founding a complimentary/alternative cancer clinic in Atlanta, The Immune Recovery Foundation. Turning in 2004 to breast cancer research and breast health education, Dr. Johnson founded the International Cancer Foundation in Rossville, Ga. Dr. Ben, as he is known, has helped thousands of women, and health care professionals around the world seek his advice.

Diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2003 and finding no hope in either conventional or alternative medicine, Dr. Ben met Alex Loyd, creator of the “Healing Codes™”. Dr. Ben’s subsequent work with Loyd’s procedures-addressing the core emotional/energy issues that control every aspect of our lives-and relief of the “incurable” symptoms of ALS led to Dr. Johnson’s appearance in the best-selling, 2006 documentary film The Secret™ and co-authoring of the best selling book The Healing Codes and The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom.

Dr. Ben owns Dr. Ben Johnson Services LLC, a business promoting natural health care products, and healthy breast cancer screening for women. Always looking for more ways to spread his message of health and wholeness, Dr. Ben has just finished “Healing Water” released in June of 2011 and a new book on Thermography and the health problems associated with mammography to be released in 2012.






Don Winfield: Hi. I’m Don Winfield, editor of the secret doctor here to introduce you to today’s interview with your host, Dr. Ben Johnson. Do you know the secret saboteur that can wreck your health, mood, ability to think and relationships. Did you know that you could activate allergies that you don't even know you have in four separate ways. In todays interview, you will learn about an alternative method to eliminate your allergies and all the problems they create in just 2 weeks and 2 days.

Dr. Ben has 3 medical degrees.

He was the only medical doctor featured in the hit movie The Secret.

In 2002 Dr. Ben was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, which mainstream medicine said had no cure and he should expect to die.

Alternatives to mainstream medical beliefs saved his life and restored his health.

Today he interviews Dr. Ynge Ljung and Herbert Hoffman on their discovery of a simple allergy kit, which can change your life for the better.

Before you learn about a solution to unexplained problems, which may be wrecking your life, we have two housekeeping points to mention. You may be hearing this as a broadcast or as a recording.

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Now let’s hear from Dr. Ben and our guests.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Welcome. This is Dr. Ben Johnson. Thank you for joining me. Today we’re going to share about The Allergy Kit, a resource and exciting source of information that can potentially produce some significant health changes.

Today our special guests are Dr. Ynge Ljung and Herb Hoffman.

Herb, Ynge, thank you so much for joining us and welcome.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Thank you very much.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Nothing in this seminar should be substituted for medical advice or that of a physician and is for informational purposes only.

Today we’re going to learn some exciting information about allergies, because allergies have become this huge problem, this huge issue that consumes a lot of time, energy, resources and can lead to all kinds of other diseases.

And we’ll talk about that more later. But the solution may be much simpler and much more economical than you ever thought or imagined.

Today I have joining me Dr. Ynge Ljung and Herb Hoffman

and that will be just a very special part of our presentation today. We’re going to learn a lot from them from the wealth of information that they have gained and it will be an exciting time.

Dr. Ljung, would you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Well, I have always been interested in health. When I broke my wrist in… I fell and I broke my wrist in 5 places. And acupuncture helped so much that I started to be so interested and I studied it. I graduated 15 years ago.

Sometimes I didn’t get the results I wanted with just acupuncture and started to look for the missing link.

I found that allergies are such a big part in so many illnesses that we very often don’t even think have anything to do with allergies. And I became an allergy specialist. We treated allergies. But I found that many people came in, not for allergies, but when I treated them for allergies the other symptoms got better and I got faster results.

Dr. Ben Johnson: That’s kind of serendipity, but the brightness to notice that you were discovering something new, that’s what happens frequently. People discover things by being a good observer of what’s happening around them.

Herb, can you give us a little bit of your background?

Herb Hoffman: Sure. I graduated from the University in Tallahassee, in the school of business. I majored in advertising and public relations. About 8 or 9 years ago I started dating Ynge Ljung.

And she was doing all of these energetic medicines. At that point in time I said, you know what, you do your thing and I’ll do mine.

Every time we went out to dinner she would tell me that I was allergic to chicken and eggs, not to order chicken. I said, look, just leave me alone and I’ll eat whatever I want.

This went on for about 3 months and it finally got to the point, to tell you the truth, that I said, you know what, just treat me for the allergies, just so she wouldn’t bug me anymore. Because I wasn’t a real believer at this time.

She treated me for the allergy for chicken and eggs, a very simple process. And the next day, me being the wise guy that I am, I went out for dinner and, of course, I ordered chicken. And to tell you the truth, it was truly a different experience for me.

When I ate the chicken I realized that all the years before I became slightly bloated and it was a little discomfort, but I thought that’s what full felt like. This time it was different. I had no bloating at all, not discomfort and I also felt full.

I said. well, you know, something’s changed, but I can’t really distinguish what it is. Well, I think a day or two after that I realized that I wasn’t taking my medication anymore for the acid reflux disease. Then I said, you know, something’s going on here and it’s something pretty powerful.

She started treating me for the other allergies and other symptoms started going away. And I got to the point one time where right after the treatment I walked outside because I was just compelled to do that and I realized it was like the world had the color turned up.

Everything looked brighter, clearer. I saw a spider web on the tree that I didn’t see before, and just life totally changed for me right then and there.

I wanted to become more interested in this energy work that she was doing. Did not want to become an acupuncturist, but started learning other things and realized how important these allergies were. And I’ve been studying with her ever since.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Awesome. And that should give us some little teasers as to what’s to come, because we’re looking at a drug free, medically proven do-it-yourself remedy that you can do in your own home.

It’s natural, it’s for the whole family, designed by physicians to treat allergies and symptoms and the kit works for you, for your family and even your friends.

Let’s go a little more. Just exactly what are allergies? Where do they come from? What about allergies? What are they?

Dr. Ynge Ljung: An allergy is an incorrect response by the immune system to something that doesn’t or you shouldn’t react, for example, to food. You have to eat. Or air, you have to breathe. Or what you drink.

Herb Hoffman: So what we find is that people who react to these things are reacting in a negative way. It actually creates a system in the body where you actually can’t absorb the nutrients either. So it becomes a thing that makes you feel bad kind of all the time because you have to eat all the time.

We found a way to be able to eliminate these allergies completely, to actually reprogram the body to understand that these foods are good for us and not bad for us. Then we ingest the nutrients properly all at the same time.

Dr. Ben Johnson: So we can get them from eating food, obviously. There’s certainly contact allergens where we get it on our skin, inhale them or we can even get them injected, like by a bee, a wasp, a mosquito or a doctor. Doctors inject things, too. There’s a lot of ways to get allergens into our body.

Anything else that you wanted to say? Why do we get allergies?

Dr. Ynge Ljung: It could be inherited. It’s not only what you inherit in the genes, it’s also habits from your parents, eating habits, living habits. It’s many different forms that you can inherit them.

Dr. Ben Johnson: You hit on a special thing there, Dr. Young. We grew up and what we learned from what science currently teach us that we just get DNA from our parents. But the truth is we get a whole other download of information from our parents, too. This isn’t the time or the place for that, but that’s exactly the truth.

Go ahead.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: And stress. Stress is the mother of many illnesses.

Dr. Ben Johnson: It’s huge.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: It lowers the immune system and that’s also one of the ways to weaken the immune system. Of course when we have a weakened immune system we can get all kinds of things and allergies is one of them.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Absolutely. Stress is just like probably No. 1 out there of things that we can change especially.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: And then we have the genetically modified foods nowadays that we don’t even know when we eat them since they don’t have to be labeled. Many people are allergic to modified food, the genetically modified food.

Herb Hoffman: It’s really not recognized these foods as food anymore, even though they kind of look like it. This is a big problem that we’re having.

Dr. Ben Johnson: And they may have put in an antibiotic in the middle of a corn or pea or gene or potato gene.

Herb Hoffman: Exactly. Sometimes they don’t wash the herbicide off that well. Therefore, when we eat that corn the body may try to protect itself because the herbicide is there and the next time we eat the corn that doesn’t have the herbicide the body reacts to it.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Makes you want to raise a bigger garden next time of my own stuff.

Herb Hoffman: Exactly. The other problem is the electromagnetic fields. All of the computers, the cell phones, all of these towers that we have, the radio waves, all of those also screw up the energetic response that the body does.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Yeah, they’ve sure had an effect on the honeybees, which are major pollinators of our crops. I know I have several hives myself and it’s been a struggle within the last few years. So we could be getting an antibiotic or a pesticide in our foods and not even be knowing it.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Exactly. When we eat and ingest and whatever way we get the allergies from, the liver has to work overtime, because the liver thinks everything is a toxin, so the toxins build up in the body. That, per se, can create more allergies.

We also have the antibiotics in food, especially in meat and chicken and fish.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Antibiotics and growth hormone and steroids and who knows what they put in the feed to feed the cows or horse or whatever.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: And people don’t take probiotics, so the antibiotics, they kill all the good bacteria and that is another way where you can get allergies, because it lowers your immune system again.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Absolutely.

Herb Hoffman: A big thing also is vaccinations and vaccines. When we have these childhood vaccinations many times we’re 2, 3, 4, 5 years old when we have them, yet the residues of them stay in the body forever, I guess, until you die. Many times we are allergic to those things.

We find that when we treat people for allergies, that by treating these vaccines and vaccinations as an allergen, that we get really good results with those things.

Dr. Ben Johnson: A lot of times there are parts of viruses or virids, they’re mercury or who knows what, and those stay in our bodies and maybe even incorporate into our cells, so those are huge issues.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Absolutely.

Dr. Ben Johnson: All of those things can be so disruptive to the immune system. I’m sure there are more, but that’s plenty to think about right there.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Another thing, it is that kids, babies very often don’t get breast milk, they get formula that are not organic either, so we have a lot of stuff already from the get-go. And then many mothers warm their formulas in the microwave in plastic. That, I think, is a bigger problem than we think about.

Dr. Ben Johnson: That would be a toxic formula to the 10th power. That would be the worst of all worlds.

Breast milk is absolutely what God made for babies, so that would be the preferred by many times.

Then if you’re going to do some other form of milk, it should be warmed without a microwave and not in plastic. They recently had a recall on plastic bottles because of the substances in those being toxic. That’s a very good addition there, Ynge.

Why do you think we have more allergies today? Why are there so many more allergic responses than when we were growing up?

Herb Hoffman: I find that in the last 100 years they’ve created probably 80,000 new chemicals.

Some of them are medications, but many of them are just chemicals, cleaning chemicals, chemicals we put on our hair, chemicals that we put on our body to soften our body. And these chemicals, the immune system, the body does not have a chance to decide whether it’s good or bad, so it puts all of these things on the bad list.

Many times we can become very allergic to these things. It’s just an overload to the immune system. That’s one reason why the immune system gets so confused. It just starts to become allergic to everything.

Dr. Ben Johnson: It’s kind of the association thing. I’m sure you’ve had kids, I’ve had them, if our kids are out there running around with not so good people, then they are learned or associated by them.

The same way with these foods. There may be a good food, but it’s right next to this allergen, so there’s an association thing that happens there with the immune system.

Herb Hoffman: Exactly. That is so true.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: The whole culture has been changing. Before mother used to be home and cook for the kids. Now they go to Tropic Burger or Burger King and McDonalds and get processed food also from a very early stage. And some schools have them.

Dr. Ben Johnson: So we’ve got a whole lot more allergens out there than we used to. Our immune system isn’t what it used to be. What medical conditions can arise from this perfect storm that’s happening?

Herb Hoffman: The first thing I noticed is many times indirectly asthmas can come from that. When we have these irritants that go through the lungs and the bronchial tubes. That irritation many times will trigger an asthma attack as well as stress. So we see that allergies can trigger many different things, asthma being one of them. I think many other immune diseases also come from allergies.

They can also distract the immune system from doing its job properly.

It’s kind of like when you have, imagine the immune system as a person. Keep giving them another job and another job and another job, at some point they become, I guess the word is buried and they can’t do anything.

That’s kind of what happens to your immune system. It takes on another task and another task, another task, and at some point it just can’t do anything right anymore.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Absolutely. There are so many different things there.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: One thing that people don’t think about, but kids get ear infections all the time. And that is from food allergies, normally from egg and chicken and milk.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Yes. I agree with you.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: I had one little girl, 2 years old. She had been going first once a month to the doctor for ear infections; then every other week. Then it was down to every week.

They were going to put tubes in her ears. After the second treatment she never went back to the doctor for ear infections. She went for her checkups, but she never had an ear infection again.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Amazing. And we know statistically that the tubes don’t change the hearing loss or anything, so why are we doing those?

Herb Hoffman: The big thing is if you can eliminate that starter button, that first allergen response, then we can reduce the diseases, we can reduce all of the reactions to them and we actually save energy. The body then uses that energy for health and for balance in the body.

The bottom line here is we know that by reducing the allergies we help the body to, I wouldn’t say cure itself, but to become back in balance so that it can do the things that the body does quite well, which is heal itself.

Dr. Ben Johnson: It absolutely does if we can remove all the distractions from it. All of this perfect chemical storm that’s happening by all these foreign substances, chemicals, our body’s response producing its own set of chemicals and all that winds up eventually feeding back to the brain.

I suspect that that may be another way of describing depression. Would you agree that depression can be caused by allergies?

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Absolutely. If you think about it, the serotonin, the good feel hormone that makes us feel good, 95% or more is produced in the small intestine.

If we don’t absorb the food to the fullest, we get deprived of the serotonin and we get depressed. So we should take care of the allergies in the digestive system instead of getting Prozac and those things, because they go the wrong way.

Dr. Ben Johnson: You’re absolutely right, Dr. Young. You’re absolutely right. Most serotonin is produced in the bowel. We just think of it as a brain, as a neurotransmitter in the brain, but most of it is produced in the bowel.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Yes.

Herb Hoffman: What’s very interesting is that we have patients that come in who are very depressed. It’s funny, when we treat them, not funny, but it’s remarkable, when we treat them for their allergies, the depression goes away like magic.

People tell me, “I don’t know why I was going to this counselor for so many years. I’ve had three treatments here and I feel better.”

It’s kind of like a miracle or magic when the body is allowed to do what it’s supposed to do.

It will get rid of the depression. It will balance all of the hormones in the body so that we can enjoy our life again. And that’s what it’s all about.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: I had, for example, a patient, a girl in her 30s who was very depressed, ready to divorce her husband. And the same thing. I treated her for the allergies and she started to feel better.

And after a few treatments she is totally fine with her husband. And she saw everything in another light. I guess when you’re depressed everything is black.

Herb Hoffman: It was almost like they were newly weds again. She came in, she said, “Oh, everything is great now.”

Dr. Ben Johnson: Let me just share some other possibilities there, because every small depression is a major incredible issue. Just if you look at the dollar value of some of those drugs and antidepressants sold you begin to understand what a huge issue it is.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Just to have to pay for it.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Yeah, just to pay for it out of your pocket, or an insurance company, if nothing else. It takes a huge toll emotionally, economically, on relationships, work, every way.

I just wanted to share with everyone some other little things that they can do. I believe The Allergy Kit would be a major, major step in resolving those, but there are some other things that they can be doing in the meantime.

For instance, Vitamin D3. That’s even coming out in mainstream medicine now, where people’s Vitamin D3 levels are amazingly low, especially in northern or extreme southern climes where you don’t get enough sunlight during the summer or you don’t go out and get a sun exposure. So full spectrum lighting or getting out in the sun.

Yesterday the sun was shining out here, I went out and took off as much clothes as was decent and got as much sun exposure as I could for about a half an hour. And every day that the sun is shining I’ll go out there and do that just for my health.

We watch so much TV today. That’s an amazing source of negative depressing energy that’s coming to our bodies.

Make sure that you’re watching the right material, not letting the wrong material into your eyes. And laugh. If it takes getting an old “I Love Lucy” series or something or a slapstick “Three Stooges,” whatever it takes to make you laugh, laughter is really important and will kind of circumvent or short circuit depression.

You might want to again, in what you’re allowing into your mind, you might want to kind of avoid some newspapers or news shows. Or if you do, again be careful what you read in there. Even your posture affects your mood.

I was talking with a chiropractor here a few weeks back. Just slumping over puts a stretch on the dura, putting stretch on the nerves and then actually on the brain, compressing the brain. So your posture can literally affect your mood.

Stomach issues, having enough acid in the stomach to digest food.

And then on the other hand, having adequate sums of water. Afternoon slumps can be caused by just dehydration.

Tryptophan, L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid that’s really good for sleep and well-being. Of course, if you’re not sleeping at night you’re going to be depressed during the day because you’re going to be tired.

Then there’s energy techniques, Healing Codes, EFT, TFT, TC, ME and a lot more of those.

But back to The Allergy Kit, because allergy is a huge issue in depression as you can see about this perfect chemical storm that we’re talking about here. It can even cause some major, major issues in families.

Ynge and Herb and I were chatting earlier about this before we started this call. Maybe you’d like to share one of those major issues that this might be beneficial in?

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Often, especially when kids become teenagers, there is a lot of tension between parents and the children or between the sisters and brothers.

It can often be an allergy. You can be allergic to your spouse or to your kids, just as you can be allergic to a cat or a dog or dust.

Herb Hoffman: Think about it, when you’re allergic to something, what do you feel? You feel sick to your stomach, you can’t stand being around this thing. It makes you sick. When that happens to your spouse or to your child it is terrible. I can understand how depression can happen just from that.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Because also the liver is affected, as I talked before about the liver detoxing everything. And the emotion of the liver in Chinese medicine is anger. So the reaction can often come out as irritability or anger. That’s the fighting.

Herb Hoffman: We find that if we can treat the spouse or the kids for the other people in the family, that it’s again almost like magic.

Everything changes. The attitude changes, the family gets together much better. And we do have a way to be able to actually create a special kit that you can treat yourself for, your spouse and/or your children. And we’ll talk about that later.

Dr. Ben Johnson: So even a potential divorce issue, this could actually maybe even be beneficial for that, or not wanting to be at home. These could actually possibly be part of an allergy complex.

Herb Hoffman: Think of it this way. When you are allergic to your spouse you can’t help it. Sometimes you’re reacting in a way and it’s really not your fault. Your husband and when you’re having a fight everybody blames the other person. But maybe it’s really nobody’s fault and it’s just an allergy.

That’s where we like to come from. If that is the case, it’s a very simple process to eliminate that and make sure that we are not allergic to our spouses.

Dr. Ben Johnson: That’s a totally different perspective, but if it could be as simple as remedying an allergy that would… or even if that’s just a part of it that would be amazing. Thank you for sharing that.

You think we can say good-bye to our allergies and all the symptoms?

Dr. Ynge Ljung: I think so. I see it. I see it every day. I had a 7-year-old girl who came in the other week. She has had stomachaches all her life, as long as she can remember. The first treatment, the first vial, when she came back the next time she had not had any stomach pain.

Herb Hoffman: When her mother was telling me, she almost had tears in her eyes, she was so excited and elated that something like that could change so quickly. It was very emotional.

It happens all the time. I don’t actually do the treatments in the office. Ynge is the one who does the treatments. I see them come in and I see them come out and it has changed people. And it totally changes their lives in ways that we can’t even describe.

Dr. Ben Johnson: What we have to do is get the attention of your body’s immune system, the innate wisdom and response in your body and focus it on the inappropriate allergy responses.

And if you can do that, then you can change all that. Because an allergy is an incorrect response by the immune system to something that doesn’t affect most people. Therefore, the new you is only being normal and so that you don’t have those allergic responses.

You believe you’ve cracked this code to doing this. So it’s like hitting the delete button on your computer. You can delete that wrong information stored in your immune system.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Yes.

Herb Hoffman: And we install a new healthier program at the same time. And we’ve actually cracked the immune code. We are so happy.

We’ve treated allergies for over 10 years in the office and we knew that we weren’t approaching anywhere near the amount of people that really needed this.

Ynge and I put our heads together and we found a way. It took about a year and a half to actually come up with The Allergy Kit.

We tested them in the office and we actually found… created The Allergy Kit. What it does, it deletes the faulty programming and restores the immune system to respond normally.

Just like the computer, we delete that wrong programming and then your allergies disappear like magic.

The way we do it is we balance the left and right side of the brain while we’re in the influence of the allergy and when we’re in the energetic field. We also balance the acupuncture meridians, because when you’re having an allergic response, the meridians are out of whack.

Everything is in chaos. And the left and the right side of the brain is also in chaos. If we can balance those things while we’re in the presence of the allergen, we have… the old programming is gone and so are the symptoms.

We are very happy to be able to offer something like that. And we really appreciate you, Dr. Ben, to be able to let us share this with all of your people that are listening in.

Dr. Ben Johnson: You’re balancing the immune system with the brain, both sides of the brain, with the acupuncture meridians in the presence of the allergen. That’s the key of what you have successfully pulled off here.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: It’s like reprogramming the whole body and the brain and the meridians so that it understands to absorb the nutrients from the foods and that you’re not supposed to react.

In the process, the liver starts to be less toxic, because it doesn’t have to work so hard. The body starts to absorb the nutrients and you have a lot of good, good beneficial outcome.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Let me just kind of go over this again. This sounds like a definitely better allergy program:

  • You can do this process in your own home in a matter of minutes.
  • You don’t need a doctor to do it, so you aren’t having to travel there and back.
  • It’s a one-time purchase, so you don’t have to keep going back and going back and retreat and have more expense.
  • You don’t use it up, so you cannot only treat yourself, but other members of the family.
  • Heck, you could treat your neighbor if you wanted to.
  • It’s a way for you to take control of your health and treat multiple allergens at the same time.

It doesn’t sound like it gets any better than that.

What do I get when I get the program?

Herb Hoffman: In the program you actually get… The Allergy Kit includes 7 vials that holds the energetic composition of the things that we’re treating. You also get an instruction manual. One of the more important things is the health survey.

The health survey has items on it that come from all systems of the body, from the digestive to the neurological to the muscular. We find that allergies affect every system of the body, not just the digestion.

We see miraculous results in people who can’t sleep that are able to sleep again. All different places. We ask people to fill that out so they can see where the benefits come from.

In the 7 vials it holds the energetic charge of the allergen. The vials actually tell the immune system what allergen that we’re working on and what allergen to delete.

What we also do is through this process, we allow the body to reset itself to respond positively again. After we do that the body then starts a healing process, starting to be able to reabsorb these nutrients that it was not able to do before.

I don’t care what you were eating, the body when it’s allergic cannot absorb those nutrients.

It starts to do this process of healing. Many times the advantage goes on for weeks or months and sometimes years.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Another thing when you have allergies is that, I’m sure you know that very well, people crave what they are allergic to. The more you give the body something, the more the body craves it. It’s like a vicious cycle.

Once you are rid of the allergens then you stop cravings. Many people, they lose weight, which is another big thing, really. And that can have to do with allergies.

Herb Hoffman: It’s all about balancing the body. When the body is balanced and working the way it’s supposed to—we’re not supposed to be fat, we’re not supposed to be sick. We’re supposed to be healthy and we’re supposed to look at the world with open arms and just a loving embrace.

The first vial treats chicken and egg, milk and calcium, Vitamin C and parasites. Many times after they do just the first vial they see a huge, huge change.

The second vial, we found that everybody is allergic to sugar. We also found there’s a link between sugar and B vitamins that causes addiction.

By treating these two together many times when you’re addicted to food or you’re addicted to things that are worse than that, all of these things tend to go away. Or it becomes easier to “kick the habit,” so to speak.

We also go into, on vial No. 3, we know that all of these heavy metals and toxins and pesticides and petroleums are a problem for us. What we do is we treat the body.

We don’t actually eliminate these from the body. That’s a detox program. But what we do is we treat the way the body reacts to those things. By doing that also the body does tend to make it easier to eliminate these.

Going to vial 4, we found that vaccines and childhood vaccinations are very important, as we said earlier.

Many times kids with ADD, ADHD, we’re not sure, but we think that they come from the vaccinations. Autism is another thing that is believed to come from vaccinations. We have good results for all of those behavioral problems.

Getting on to vial 5, again we treat sugar again, because sugar is in everything. We also treat the body for Candida. What we’re doing when we treat it for Candida is we’re not actually eliminating the Candida, but there is a…

Dr. Ben Johnson: The wrong response.

Herb Hoffman: There’s a wrong response to the toxins that the Candida secretes. When they live in there, they eat the sugar, and they secrete this toxin. If we can treat ourselves for the toxin then the Candida doesn’t affect us really the way it was before.

We have the high fructose corn syrup. And of course, all the artificial sweeteners are very detrimental to the body.

For people who are gluten intolerant, we move on to vial 6, which we treat all types of grains, along with gluten and wheat. For people who know that they’re gluten intolerant we ask them to probably use this vial more than one time, treat themselves twice.

That’s the good thing about The Allergy Kit is that you can treat yourself over and over again.

When people came into our office, it was another visit and another charge. That’s a good thing about The Allergy Kit.

Then to kind of circle everything around and create a balance in the whole system, we treat all the organs and the endocrines.

We take a combination of everything that we’ve treated previously and put them altogether. We find that sometimes we can treat somebody for sugar. Yet when you combine the sugar with something else that they may be allergic.

This combines all of them together and gives them an overall way to balance the whole body at the same time.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Let me go back and just mention one point, which is important.

You mentioned that it (The Allergy Kit) comes with a little questionnaire sheet so that people know where they’ve started from. That’s not necessary to use The Allergy Kit or to use it effectively or for it to work. But so many times we forget how sick we were when we get better.

Almost on a daily basis I would have a patient come in and say:

  • Dr. Ben: “Well, how are you?”
  • Patient: “Well, I’m about the same.”
  • Dr. Ben: “Well, how about this symptom?”
  • Patient: “Oh, well, yeah, that’s better.”
  • Dr. Ben: “Okay, well how about this issue?”
  • Patient: “Oh, well that’s better, too.”
  • Dr. Ben: “So you are better?”

That’s important to fill out to know where you're starting from so that as you look back you can say oh, yeah, this has made a huge difference. Because it will. And we guarantee it.

There’s a lot of things that we can change with this. Basic food allergies. We can enhance the immune response. Maybe even reverse autoimmune diseases because we’re changing the body’s response to that. You’re talking about ADD and ADHD symptoms. Infections and digestive problems.

We’re talking about a lot of issues here.

How does that work? Your first symptom, how do you use the program?

Dr. Ynge Ljung: You start with the first vial first, and that is the vial with the egg and chicken and calcium and Vitamin C.

We start with that because we came from an egg, so it’s the basic protein that we are treating for. When a baby is born, the next thing is they get milk. Then Vitamin C is the rest we get in everything practically.

We are warm-blooded animals, so most of us have parasites. There is something with Vitamin C and parasites on a deep cellular level. That’s why I put that together.

This is a very, very basic vial so you can get rid of the basic allergies and start to build up your immune system. That’s why it’s so important to do it in order.

The next is Vitamin B and sugar. As we said before, everybody is allergic to sugar, because sugar is put in everything.

Dr. Ben Johnson: So you can be allergic to anything, including your spouse and children, other people in your home. Can you be allergic to other people?

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Very often kids, they fight with their parents or they fight with their brothers and sisters and that can be a reaction, an allergic reaction, just the same as to a cat. Even though maybe they don’t sneeze, they fight instead.

Herb Hoffman: We see that a lot in our office. We actually treat, we can treat a husband for his wife or mother for her child. We find that the results are amazing.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Amazing. They start to get along.

Herb Hoffman: When you think about it, if when you’re around your husband and you always feel irritated and they make you sick to your stomach, these are things that you would expect from an allergen.

If you put those two, either your child or to your spouse and just always irritable around them and even when you think of them it kind of makes you sick, if you can make those things go away, we have a completely different relationship.

That’s the relationship that people can’t help. If they are allergic to their spouses they cannot help the fact that they feel that way. It’s not like they can smile and do positive thinking. They’re just allergic.

So when those go away the whole family structure can change for the better.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: And that is pretty amazing.

Dr. Ben Johnson: And I know you’ve got a special kit for that, but that can be added later.

This would allow you even to expand a few choices. The first allergy program runs for 2 weeks and 2 days. Is that how that goes?

Dr. Ynge Ljung: Two days & Two weeks.

Herb Hoffman: What we do is we treat you for the first allergen, for the first vial. The actual process itself takes about 15 minutes. Actually 5 minutes doing the process, our exclusive process, and then 10 minutes letting the body relate to this and reprogram itself.

After we do that, it takes approximately 25 hours for this new energy to go through all the organs in the body. This is based on Chinese medicine.

After we wait that 25 hours we basically take the rest of the day off and then we can start the next day. Basically we treat one day, we wait a day, then we can treat vial 2 the next day. Then we can wait a day and we treat another vial.

Understand, this is not a race, so we don’t have to do them like that.

Dr. Ben Johnson: We’ve probably had these for years, so we can wait 2 weeks to get it resolved, huh?

Herb Hoffman: Exactly. But the thing I want you to understand, too, is even if you say, “Well, I’m not allergic to chicken and egg,” do that vial anyway. Don’t skip any of the vials. This is a process that eliminates and strengthens the immune system.

So don’t try to side guess it or believe that you can shorten the process. We’ve worked on this for many years. Believe me, you cannot shorten the process.

Normally this treatment in our office would be at least 10 treatments. We just want you to follow the system. It’s very simple. And you will definitely get the results that you deserve.

Dr. Ben Johnson: What can we expect?

Herb Hoffman: You’ll have better reactions to the world around you. Everything will look different. Everything will look better.

People who are allergic, we find that they believe on the very subconscious level that the world isn’t a safe place. They can feel good for 3 days, eat something that doesn’t agree with them and they can be kind of out of commission or foggy for hours and sometimes days.

When they start to realize that the world is not attacking them, the world certainly looks better and you can get your life back.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: I would like to just give an example.

We had a young man in his 30s and he had a company and he had to have lunch with his clients. He had IBS, irritable bowel syndrome.

He never knew what he would eat that would drive him to the bathroom. So he would always choose a table at the restaurant that was close to the bathroom. He always had to get there like 20 minutes before so he was sure he would get that table.

After he was treated for his allergies he could sit anywhere. He was very skinny when he started. He gained weight and is now a happy person who can eat anything and he loves it.

So he got his life back.

Dr. Ben Johnson: That’s simply amazing that you can get that kind of results. Getting your life back. Let me just kind of go back over what to expect.

Your immune system will become stronger, so that gives you more balance for healing and for the body.

Allergies, even though you may not specifically treat a specific allergy, they’ll all improve because you’re changing the whole dampening mechanism of the immune system and how it’s responding to these things. So even those that you aren’t specifically treating may get better.

Digestion will absolutely improve, because when you have that allergic response in your bowel there’s all this histamine released and all this chemical potpourri released in your bowel that keeps you from absorbing foods.

Fewer colds and flu’s, because your immune system is now able to focus on the things that it should be focusing on instead of fighting things that theoretically are beneficial for you.

A sense of well being, because all of that chemical potpourri is not being released and getting to the brain.

Because of all that the immune system is responding properly and so you’ll even probably have less pain and general discomfort. That’s going to change your mindset from like depression to a healthier outlook on life. It’s simply an amazing process.

Each treatment takes 5 minutes for active treatment, then you’re resting for 10 minutes after each one of those. So this is a total of 15 minutes of treatment, what, every 2 days?

Herb Hoffman: That’s correct.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Two days later you’re on to the next vial. It takes 2 weeks to go through all of that.

I was just thinking, Herb, in comparison to standard medical system, you might be looking at $1500 to $4000 to get tested, initial visit, H&P testing. Then dropping another $1000 or $2000 the next year or so.

With health insurance it’s still expensive. Maybe $500 out of pocket the first year to $1000, all according to your insurance company.

But forget the cost. That would take 3 to 5 years to go through a whole program of that. And there’s not even a guarantee that it’s going to help.

What do you see in your clinic?

Herb Hoffman: We’re talking about shots, too. Every time you go to the doctor you’re getting shots.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Yeah. We’re talking about pain here.

Herb Hoffman: I don’t know anybody who enjoys shots. I certainly don’t. That would definitely be a program. We see many people who have been through these type of programs for, and I don’t know why, but 5 and 10 years trying to eliminate their allergies.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: I had one person who came who had been going for 30 years, shots every month and he still got pneumonia as soon as he got a cold. But he doesn’t anymore.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Put both of that doctor’s kids through college, huh?

Herb Hoffman: Yeah, I’m sure, I’m sure. And a nice car he’s driving, too.

What we’ve done, we’ve treated thousands of people in our office. So we see, No. 1, that it works. And we also see how long it takes. Just to understand that to get through this allergy kit, we really put a lot into it and we made sure and tested to make sure that it worked.

It’s equivalent to at least 10 visits. The way we charge it’s probably at least $850.------

Herb Hoffman: Some of the advantages of The Allergy Kit is that besides the time you save driving to the physician, if for some reason the treatment doesn’t work, and it does because you’re supposed to avoid certain things for that 25 hours. Or sometimes it’s just so engrained that you have to do the treatment again.

When that happened I felt very troubled to charge them again. Of course I did, because it was our time.

But this way if they feel that one of the vials didn’t work they just do it again. So it’s a great way to treat the allergies.

All the people, everybody in their family typically, it’s kind of hereditary and environment at the same time because of their eating habits, because of the stress that goes on during lunch or dinner.

Families seem to have allergies, not just one person in the family. So you can treat everybody in the family. And it’s doable, because we can send these allergy kits anywhere in the world.

That was our biggest problem. Once we finally realized that we could really help people with allergies, it was logistics. They live too far away from our office. We were able to create this kit so that we can treat people from afar.----------

Dr. Ben Johnson: You’re dealing with a one-time purchase, one-time investment.

It can provide for yourself and the whole family.

You can even use it on friends and neighbors if you want to.

Herb Hoffman: The charge for The Allergy Kit is about 20% of what we would charge in the office. It’s $170 plus $9 shipping and handling, which is $179. When you break it down it’s less than $45 per person if you have a family of 4.

Considering that it works and it stays kind of all the time, once you treat yourself you don’t typically (repeat), unless some stressor happens in your life, you don’t have to treat yourself over and over again.

The results last for years and years and years. When you amortize it over a 10-year period it becomes pennies. That’s what I want to make people understand.

The hardest thing is to make them understand that it works.

We know it works. If they couldn’t eat chicken or they had milk lactose intolerance, that they can then have cheese again and milk again if they start moderately and make sure that the allergy vial worked that time.

We have people who just, they get their life back and they can eat whatever they want.

Dr. Ben Johnson: That will be so important for anybody. I can control my environment here, but I travel a lot and it’s really hard to get good food and exactly what you want out there.

Herb Hoffman: Sometimes you never know when you’re getting it. Something happens and then you feel like crap.

Getting back to our guarantee.

Basically if you don’t get results we don’t want you to pay.

We want you to be in charge of that. For any reason… we know that on every level that you will see results. Even for those people who don’t feel that they’re allergic. Many times when you treat the husband, who’s not allergic, you see remarkable changes in all people of the family.

For any reason if you don’t see results, we have a no questions asked money back guarantee.

We do ask you, not require, but we ask you to fill out the health survey so that you can see where the results are.

We don’t guarantee that every single item on there will get better. But the truth is, if only 3 or 4 of them get better and 1 of them is that you have insomnia and you all of a sudden can sleep again, it’s more than worth all the time and the energy and the money.

Dr. Ben Johnson: So let’s get started. It’s a natural, do-it-yourself home-based treatment protocol. It’s guaranteed, you guarantee it to work. Allergy season is all year round these days. This particular allergy season is just breaking on us, but it’s literally all year round now.

Click the link for more information.

Dr. Ynge Ljung: And your life will change.

Dr. Ben Johnson: And your life will change.

Join Malinda Zarate as she interviews Dr. Ynge Ljung, founder of The Allergy Kit and author of the newly published book, “Finding Your Lost Child... Understanding Allergies, Nutrition and Detox in Autism."

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