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A mother describes the changes in behavior of her 8-year old son after having treated him with an easy, at-home, do-it-yourself natural allergy elimination method....

While our journey is only one story, I like to think of it as a microcosm for what could be happening to others, hoping that what I’ve searched and searched for could indeed help many struggling children and families easily and quickly.  And certainly we have taken a multipronged approach which I will later explain, something we are doing right now is making an enormous impact that has made me think a huge difference could be made across the country if parents only knew.

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Dr. Ynge Ljung, the developer of The Allergy Kit has developed a method to help us human animals eliminate our pet allergies, especially cat and dog allergies. We will share information about an easy, natural, permanent way to eliminate those allergies and the suffering that accompanies them. This will be a short segment that has the potential to give you powerful information to help create more ease and comfort, more health in your life and in the life of your loved ones. If you have a furry friend who is giving you sniffles, itching and misery...listen in. We have good news!


An effective, affordable and easy way to treat allergies at your own home. The same kit can be used for the whole family. Allergies tend to be hereditary - if one in the family has allergies, the rest of the family is most likely to have them as well.

This is the first natural, at-home allergy treatment that allows you to eliminate your allergies and allergy symptoms. We don’t believe our customers should settle for less than good health. The Allergy Kit was specially formulated for a better life.” – Dr. Ynge, Founder

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Listen in and learn about the easiest way possible to start eating healthily, with a program designed JUST FOR YOU.

Dr. Ynge Ljung specializes in helping people take control of their health and wellbeing by eliminating allergies and increasing their energy and vitality. As founder of The Allergy Kit, the Autism Kit,  and the Emotion Kit, she has helped thousands of people over the years. She carefully listens to her patients and customers and is continually striving to develop new products and create new programs to help them achieve even better health.

The EnJOYable Eating Jumpstart Program was designed in answer to questions from many patients and customers.

This program gives you specialized attention and an assessment specifically focusing on your needs, your nutrition and best health.

It offers individual and group support, answers to your questions and meal plans that YOU select from a large online recipe database!

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This call will be with Dr. Ynge Ljung, developer of The Allergy Kit, will be a testimonial from Malinda Zarate of her personal experience in using the kit.

We will also talk about The Allergy Kit, what it is and how to use it. The Allergy Kit is an effective, natural, do-it-yourself at home allergy elimination process. The simple process can be done in the evening, as it has a tendency to relax  and the process begins to work immediately and continues as you sleep. There are no tests, needles or drugs involved. This is the easiest, most affordable and natural way to address any kind of allergy.

The Allergy Kit can address food allergies, chemicals, toxins, and almost every possible allergy. A single kit can treat an entire family, too.

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We're all human and part of life is experiencing difficult emotions and reacting to them. In fact, we can get into a repeating loop of worry, fear, anger, etc. This is certainly not helpful for us personally, and it can greatly impact our relationships with family, co-workers, even friends. What to do?

The Emotional Allergy Kit treats the way the body negatively reacts to certain emotions.



Dr. Ynge Ljung, a naturopathic and acupuncture physician, has developed an amazingly effective way to deal with troublesome negative emotional reactions. You'll find this interview fascinating and enlightening, as we will explain how The Emotion Kit works.

We will be speaking with Dr. Ynge Ljung, developer of The Allergy Kit. She will be sharing important information with us about the connection between allergies and difficulty in losing weight. There are some surprising facts that will be presented. It is possible to lose weight, without extreme dieting, without constant struggle, and with a natural, reasonable approach.

The Weight Loss Kit

  • A Natural, Energetic Weight Loss Approach
  • Nothing to ingest
  • Nothing to inject
  • Nothing to put on your skin
  • Supports maximum nutrient absorption
  • Reduces cravings for sugar and starch
  • Can be used by the whole family
  • Use as long as you need it, without further investment

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