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Acne Vulgaris is one of the most common skin disorders for which people seek medical help. It is a condition affecting mostly adolescents but may present itself at any age.

The cause is not quite clear. Treatments often include antibiotics and hormone treatments.

Cleanliness is very important and dermatologists can help.

Anything that comes out through the skin whether it is boils, eczema, rashes or acne has to do with toxins that the body can't get rid of through the normal channels like the bladder and colon and therefore uses the skin, our largest organ.

If food allergies are present, the liver has to work harder to detoxify what it thinks is a poison or at least a threat. This can start the vicious cycle of acne.

Treating the allergies, cleaning up food habits (avoiding sugars, sugary foods and drinks, minimizing milk, wheat and processed foods), adding fresh fruits and veggies to the diet while keeping the skin clean is very effective in controlling acne for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) has become one of the most common childhood disorders in the United States. However, we are now finding out that it is not only common in children, more and more adults come out to talk about them “being ADD”.

Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • Inattention, easily distracted
  • Difficulty focusing and concentrating
  • Confusion
  • Restlessness, trouble sitting still whether in school, at dinner or on the bus
  • Difficulties waiting in line, being impatient
  • Difficulties with quiet time, talking a lot
  • Wanting to touch everything in sight
  • Blurting out inappropriate comments without restraint
  • Acting without regard for consequences
  • Interrupting conversations

Some kids with ADD may be undiagnosed even if they sit quietly in class and are not disruptive. They may not be paying any attention to the schoolwork but parents and teachers don’t realize the child has ADD, they just label the child as “a little slow”.

Children with ADD/ADHD almost always have allergies to foods and to the environment and so do their families. Unfortunately, they don't make the connection between their condition and allergies.

Most parents and teachers notice that some children go “off the walls”. They may start running like crazy, screaming and may also display aggressive behavior often after consuming cakes, candies or any kind of sugary food. Birthday parties can end quite badly with a bunch of kids who can't behave.

This behavior may be a symptom of an allergic reaction, especially to sugars and wheat. It is not the child's fault.  It is not a voluntary behavior. Unfortunately, many of these kids are put on prescriptions drugs. They often grow up to have some kind of drug problems and still be battling ADD.

Treating the allergies with The Allergy Kit may deliver almost miraculous results with patients experiencing more fulfilling family relationships, better behavior, an improved performance in school and overall a happier and healthier life.

When you’re wheezing, your chest is tight and you have difficulty breathing, you know you are having an asthma attack. Did you know that your asthma can be related to allergies?

Asthma is a chronic condition with inflammation and narrowing of the airways and tightening of the muscles around the airways.

There are probably more than 25 million people in the US who suffer from Asthma.  More than half of them have Allergic Asthma.

All allergies start with food allergies. If we could absorb all the nutrients in  our foods, our immune system would be strong and we would never become sick or have allergic reactions.

Many asthmatics think they are only allergic to cats or dogs, or other environmental substances, because that’s when they get an asthma attack, but they are also allergic to basic foods and substances.

Many children have recurring ear and throat infections which are mostly related to milk allergies. They get prescribed antibiotics, which destroy the immune system. This can be the beginning of asthma.

By eliminating this allergy they won’t have any more ear or throat infections. It works like a miracle.

Identifying the main culprit allergens, treating with The Allergy Kit and adapting a more conscious diet are the first steps to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

The Allergy Kit's Cat Allergy Treatment is a natural allergy treatment based loosely on NAET.

It addresses the real problem: an overactive immune system.

Pet allergies are on the rise and allergies to cats seem to be the most common. Mostly we have the idea that we are allergic to the hairs and/or the dander coming from the fur, but that is not the real problem. The allergens are in the cat’s saliva, urine and dander and that’s where the problem resides.

It is the immune system's job to find foreign substances and eliminate them. This is to protect us from diseases. But if the immune system is weak, it produces antibodies that in turn create an allergic reaction.

The person may come in contact with or inhale particles from the cat which, by combining with the antibodies, cause the allergic reaction.

Most sufferers have an allergic response within 10 to 30 minutes, with coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and/or sometimes also rash on the face, neck and upper chest.

Most common symptoms of cat allergy:

  • Asthma
  • Coughing
  • Chronic, itchy throat
  • Hay Fever
  • Hives
  • Inflamed eyes
  • Itchy Nose
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Stuffy nose
  • Swelling and itching of the membranes
  • Rash where scratched or licked
  • Wheezing

We have about 4 pets for every 10 people and cat allergies seem to be twice as common as allergies to dogs.

Most often, the person who has the animal allergy is advised to get rid of the pet. This can be very traumatic especially for kids to have their pet taken away.

With The Allergy Kit, it is possible to treat the allergy instead of the pet!

When you have treated the affected person with the first 7 vials in the kit (The Premium Kit), you can treat them for the animal allergy.

It is also a good idea not to sleep with your pet. Brush your pet often to get rid of loose dander and don't forget to put a mask on.

Get rid of carpets! Tile or hardwood floors are much easier to keep clean. Cat allergens are 1/5 the size of pollen and they can hide easily in carpets and upholstered furniture.

Clean the litter box often and use dust free litter. Covering the litter box is a good idea as it minimizes the spread of dust, and the cats love it. They seem to enjoy their privacy when they go to the bathroom!

The Allergy Kit's dog allergy treatment helps families with dog allergies feel better fast. Nearly 40% of U.S. households have a dog and allergies are on the rise.

Symptoms of Dog Allergies are usually similar to the allergies to cats:

  • Asthma
  • Coughing
  • Chronic, itchy throat
  • Hay Fever
  • Hives
  • Inflamed eyes
  • Itchy Nose
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Stuffy nose
  • Swelling and itching of the membranes
  • Rash where scratched or licked
  • Wheezing

Some people research and try “naked” dog breeds, that is a dog without fur. However, the allergy may be produced by the saliva, the urine, the dander or the blood, so they still have dog allergies.

When you love your pet, it's hard to give it up, which is the most common advice or prescription a pet owner gets, especially for the children!

The Allergy Kit may be your answer!

Using energy medicine to eliminate the cause of the problem and to build a stronger immune system in the process can be a simple solution.

The Allergy Kit's natural allergy treatment will allow you to live with your dog and love them with all your heart. Don't suffer another day! Relief is fast and easy.



For the first time, The Allergy Kit's people allergy treatment allows you to treat yourself for any member of your family with whom you are not getting along.

How can you have a good relationship with someone to whom you are allergic?

The Allergy Kit is easy to do and it will improve your family’s dynamics. We have seen positive changes in the family interactions even when only one family member is treated. As an example, if by treating with The Allergy Kit the relationship between the parents improve and they stop fighting, the kids will feel happier.

The idea may sound far-fetched but you could be allergic to your spouse, your partner, your kids or anybody else for that matter.

You have heard how people can be allergic to foods, airborne allergens, even cats or dogs. So, if you can be allergic to your cat or dog, why can’t you be allergic to your spouse …. or your kids?

Let’s examine what type of reactions you can have to an allergen and see if you can see a correlation to how you feel around your spouse or that specific family member.

  • Do you get irritated when you're around them?
  • Do your spouse or your kids make you sick to your stomach?
  • Do you get upset by just thinking about them?
  • Do you feel better when you are not around them?
  • Do you just feel out of balance when they are near you?
  • Do they get under your skin or make you skin crawl?
  • Do you want to throw up?
  • Do you get out of control when in their presence?
  • Does your stomach act up? (diarrhea or constipation)?

Now that you know the symptoms of an allergic reaction, I will ask you again:

“Is it possible that you have a people allergy?”

If something rings true when comparing your feelings about your family member to an allergen, WE CAN HELP.

It’s not your fault and there was not much you could do until now.

When you are treated with The Allergy Kit's natural allergy remedies, both your relationship with that person and their relationship with you will change forever.

Now we can take it one step further. After treating your food allergies, the next thing that could be affecting your wellbeing might be your family or the relationship with a specific person.

We've seen transformations that would have taken years in a therapist’s office. Treatment with The Allergy Kit has made changes happen so quickly that it seems like magic.

The Allergy Kit's people allergy treatment allows you to treat and eliminate those nagging allergies once and for all and bring back feelings that you thought were lost forever.

Don't wait another day. Get your family back today! Take the first step to a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle with The Allergy Kit.

Arthritis is one of the most debilitating conditions in the world. Treatments are limited to anti-inflammatory prescription drugs and painkillers.

Osteoarthritis simply means inflammation in the joints due to degeneration and chronic wear and tear, most commonly found in the knees.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a more common term for inflammation, pain, and swelling of the joints, often seen in the hands, but also in about any joint.

Our treatment concerns RA and allergies. Most people don't think about allergies when talking about RA, even though gout, which is a kind of Arthritis is known to be aggravated by certain foods and alcohol.

It's the same with RA. The gut is the first site of exposure to food, and the immune system in the gut is the first to recognize potential allergens, not in the blood where they used to look for antibodies.

Food allergies occur when the immune system mistakenly believes that something you ate is harmful and tries to protect you against that food by producing antibodies to it.

Food allergies affect different people in different ways. In some, it affects the joints, where they may produce inflammation.

By treating the allergies with The Allergy Kit, adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to their diet, eliminating sugars, sodas, and processed food, patients can overcome painful episodes and live a more fulfilling life with less symptoms.

Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a mental condition that presents from early childhood. The authorities have discarded vaccinations as the culprit though many babies change after their vaccinations at 18 - 24 months of age.

In the year 2000, the incidence of autism was estimated to be one in 150 children. Today the estimation is one in 45.

Autism Spectrum Disorders include Autism, Asperger's, ADD and ADHD.  Dyslexia could be included too as a mild form, as well as other learning disabilities (LD).

It is known that every child on the spectrum is very sensitive and has many allergies, whether these are food, environmental or chemical allergies.

Often when they have a temper tantrum they are having an allergic reaction. They can't help it, it is not their fault.  They may be reacting to crayons, paint on the walls, chemicals in carpets, new car smell, electromagnetic frequencies or others.
They are very sensitive to Wi-Fi, which should be turned off during the night when the body is recuperating. The best is no Wi-Fi!
Children on the spectrum often won't eat their vegetables and other healthy foods. They crave sugary foods and simple carbohydrates. This destroys their digestive system. They need to eat healthier, less processed foods.
Once the allergies and allergens are under control, the cravings will start to subside. Regular treatments will most likely be necessary since most processed foods are packed with sugars and preservatives.
Still, after treatment of these children in the spectrum with The Allergy Kit for autism and cleaning up their diet, these children will feel much better, lead healthier lives, have more fulfilling relationships and display improvement in their school performance.


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Eczema, or dermatitis, is an inflammation of the skin.

There are several different types of dermatitis. Most of the time they have in common an allergic reaction to specific allergens that can be either ingested or a reaction to something with which the skin comes in contact. For example, clothing that has been washed with a specific detergent, or contact with poison ivy or nickel in custom jewelry.

People who work with chemicals like hairdressers often get eczema that can be recurrent and severe. This is a build up in the body of toxins from chemicals and there is no way to detox apart from the skin. These people need to either change profession or start using chemicals that are non-toxic and natural.

Identifying allergens can be tricky. Initial treatment with The Allergy Kit to eliminate the basic allergies is a first step. For persistent allergies, we recommend keeping a diary about how the person feels in the morning, what they eat during the day and what they are in contact with. Again, in the evening, doing an entry to try to figure out what it is that produces eczema.



Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by pain and stiffness, tenderness of the muscles and joints, numbness and tingling. The symptoms make it commonplace for confusion with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Fibromyalgia is generally seen in females. Sleep disturbances and depression are often part of the condition and so are memory problems and foggy thinking.

The cause is not known, neither is there a conventional cure.

It is my personal experience that by treating with The Allergy Kit, particularly for Candida, minding one’s diet and working on one’s emotions, one can totally overcome the pain and discomfort from Fibromyalgia.

Regular treatment with The Allergy Kit may be required to maintain a strong immune system since many allergens are airborne and abstinence is difficult if not impossible.



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