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The Allergy Kit is the culmination of continuous research since 2002, to create an easy, practical way to treat allergies at home. We developed this method as an alternative to NAET. It is based on the treatment of thousands of acupuncture patients.

Each Kit contains a Red Cold Laser and imprinted vials formulated by Dr. Ynge. The laser balances the acupuncture meridians in the presence of the allergen(s). This natural allergy treatment is designed to reprogram the body to react normally to the allergen instead of reacting to the allergy symptoms. The Allergy Kit allows you to eliminate your allergies, take control of your health and teach your body to respond in a healthier way to stressors.

Unlike NAET that treats only one allergen at a time, The Allergy Kit targets multiple allergens in each vial.

Vial 1

Treats chicken, egg, milk, cheese, and other dairy products, calcium, vitamin C and parasites in the first treatment and also balances the Brain/Body. After finishing vial 1, many persistent problems vanish like magic. Digestion improves, phlegm and stuffy noses lessen and behavioral problems disappear.

Vial 2

Treats sugar and B vitamins. Almost everyone is allergic to sugar in one form or another. And since sugar is in almost all processed foods, you’ll feel better after treating yourself with vial 2. We’ve found a connection between B vitamins and sugars that cause addiction problems. Many people treated with vial 2 lose the desire for sugars and lose weight. Since sugar is in almost everything, it is a good idea to re-treat vial 2 regularly, maybe monthly or when you start to get sugar cravings again!

Vial 3

Treats heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, toxins and petroleum products. The body, when allergic to toxins cannot fully identify them and rather than expel them from the body, buries them deep inside the fat cells. After being treated for vial 3, you may be able to detox easier and keep the weight off that you lose.

Vial 4

Treats vaccines and childhood vaccinations. When you’re allergic to either the vaccine itself or any of the ingredients that are in the vaccine, it affects your brain and behavior. Many children have a very positive improvement in concentration, better behaviors common with ADD and ADHD improve.

Vial 5

Treats sugars again, but this time with candida. Sugar is so important that we have to treat it twice. Candida is a fungus found in the human digestive tract, mouth, and genital region. Under normal circumstances, levels of Candida are controlled by beneficial bacteria. However, if the bacteria-fungus balance is upset, caused primarily by the use of antibiotics or if the immune system is compromised, an overgrowth of Candida will occur, resulting in infection, foggy thinking, and exhaustion.

Vial 6

Treats wheat, gluten, grains including pasta. Since most of these are seeds, there is a survival mechanism built into many of the seeds that keep them from being digested by the birds and other animals ensuring that they will pass through the digestive tract whole and be able to grow and continue the life cycle. That’s why we have serious digestive problems with many grains and seeds. Wheat has been modified to be easier to grow, but harder to digest. Many problems associated with wheat include arthritis, digestive problems, leaky gut and concentration issues and also behavior problems like in autism and/or Alzheimer’s and the like.

Vial 7

Is a combination of vials 1 through 6 and also includes organs and endocrines. Vial 7 finishes the process and treats food combination allergens. Since we eat foods together, it is important to treat them together in the same vial.
After you’ve treated yourself with The Allergy Kit, your immune system will get stronger! Strong enough to move onto airborne allergens, bug bites, things applied to your skin and whatever else you might come in contact with.

See "Our Story" for explanations and testimonials

Which treatment protocol is right for you?

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique or NAET is the largest and most popular treatment protocol offered by practitioners. Dr. Nambudripad has trained thousands of practitioners worldwide. Only qualified practitioners can offer this therapy.

The basic food allergies are treated first and in a specific order. You can only be treated for one allergen at a time. Sometimes the treatments have to be administered multiple times to clear an allergen.

Each treatment takes about 20 to 25 minutes and is usually administered weekly. After the treatment, you must abstain from the food being treated. You cannot  eat or touch the suspect food for 25 hours, so therefore, much planning is necessary to have a successful treatment. If, by some chance, you do touch or eat the food, you could void the treatment and would need to be treated again.

The process continues until you get through the basic foods, from 13 to 20 treatment or about 3 to 5 months. Then you can treat environmental allergens, etc. Multiply that by $75 per treatment, more or less, and you have a tremendous investment in your health in both time and money.

The Allergy Kit consists of 7 vials and treats hundreds of allergens. And since you do these treatments at home, it's quicker than NAET and only takes less than 15 minutes to finish a treatment.

The Allergy Kit is simple. Unlike NAET, you can treat yourself, by yourself. And if you have a family, you can treat the whole family with the same kit.

It's an easy, natural way to rid yourself and your family of allergies and their symptoms. There is an online video that shows the process. Just follow along with me.

The Allergy Kit's natural allergy treatment is the first home allergy treatment that allows you to eliminate allergies and allergy symptoms. You'll save time and money and take back your health in the process.

Allergies affect all aspects of your health and your life. When they're eliminated, health can be reestablished.

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