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Eczema, or dermatitis, is an inflammation of the skin.

There are several different types of dermatitis. Most of the time they have in common an allergic reaction to specific allergens that can be either ingested or a reaction to something with which the skin comes in contact. For example, clothing that has been washed with a specific detergent, or contact with poison ivy or nickel in custom jewelry.

People who work with chemicals like hairdressers often get eczema that can be recurrent and severe. This is a build up in the body of toxins from chemicals and there is no way to detox apart from the skin. These people need to either change profession or start using chemicals that are non-toxic and natural.

Identifying allergens can be tricky. Initial treatment with The Allergy Kit to eliminate the basic allergies is a first step. For persistent allergies, we recommend keeping a diary about how the person feels in the morning, what they eat during the day and what they are in contact with. Again, in the evening, doing an entry to try to figure out what it is that produces eczema.



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