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Kat James

Kat James Interview

kat-jamesKat James’ fast-paced new radio show comes to life with living snapshots of unfolding, dramatic transformation, straight from her acclaimed Total Transformation® programs and from her award-winning bestseller, The Truth About Beauty. Featuring leading experts and maverick pioneers, Kat’s show promises unprecedented living inspiration and cut-to-the-chase solutions to today’s most pressing health, quality-of-life, anti-aging, body image, and beauty concerns.

Called "a master of self-transformation" by Self magazine's Mary Christ Anderson, Kat's advice and programs have been featured on Today, Hallmark Channel's New Morning, TBS' Movie and a Makeover, and in nearly every fashion and natural health magazine, including Vogue, Glamour, Oprah's magazine, O, Alternative Medicine, and Natural Health.

Through her newly updated and re-released bestseller, The Truth About Beauty, national health columns, PBS special, and acclaimed, cruise- and villa-based Total Transformation® programs since 2000, Kat has helped thousands to mastermind their own healing transformations using science and strategy, rather than suffering or short-sighted quick-fixes.

Known for her powerful "lifestyle upgrades" that produce visible change in a matter of days, and for her collection of one-of-a-kind resources that spell the difference between failure and success, Kat's teachings have consistently enabled others to replicate her own remarkable results, and garnered the endorsement of many leaders in nutrition and health.


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