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Natural Allergy Treatment in Your Home

Dr. Ynge Ljung

Creator of The Allergy Kit

The Allergy Kit is the first natural, at-home allergy treatment that allows you to easily eliminate your allergy symptoms.

We don't believe that customers should settle for getting their lives back. The Allergy Kit was specially formulated for a better life.

About Us + Our Mission

The Allergy Kit Creates Homeostasis In the Body Fast Without Needles or Pain!

Our holistic therapy is widely recognized as a natural, non-invasive, non-pharmacy, homeopathic solution.

Utilizing groundbreaking technology based in Modern Acupuncture Science, we can now shift how our body perceives and reacts to some of the most common allergens like chicken, eggs, milk, cheese, sugar, B vitamins, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, wheat, gluten and much more!

The Allergy Kit vs NAET

NAET is the largest and most popular treatment protocol offered by practitioners.
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Allergies, Sensitivities & Intolerances

Allergies have to do with the immune system. You can be allergic to anything and everything. 
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Listen to Dr. Ynge's interviews with Dr Ben Johnson, Ashly Kohly, Malinda Zarate, Kat James, and more.
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Questions & Answers

Dr. Ynge answers frequently asked questions about the Allergy Kit.
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The Protocol

The Allergy Kit™ along with The Allergy Kit™ Protocol helps to retrain your body to properly digest normal harmless substances instead of activating your immune system causing difficult, painful outbreaks and reactions.

Our Guarantee

We’re proud to offer our transparent promise and 30 Money Back Guarantee.

  • You can Talk to Us – Anywhere in the World – Facebook, Email or Live Chat.
  • You will receive your Allergy Kit with Full Instructions.
  • Easy to Understand, Expert Nutritional Advice is available easily online.
  • We promise to resolve any complaints fully within 7 days.
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

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Get more information about how The Allergy Kit can help with specific allergies.
Get more information about how The Allergy Kit can help with specific conditions.
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