I wrote a post sharing our experience with The Allergy Kit.  We are seeing amazing things still!

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I just wanted to give you my testimonial and express my extreme gratitude for the amazing results that I have experienced.

My 3 children had pretty severe food allergies. I had been to every
allergist in the area. I tried any means of healing. Then I stumbled upon the Allergy Kit on the recommendation of a NAET doctor.

We did the treatment and bought several additional vials. It changed my life. My children are healed! They can eat anything they want!
I feel like I need to shout it from the rooftops! This treatment works! It's amazing I have such a weight lifted.

This treatment has been the answer I prayed for 10 years.

SO grateful

Ania RN from California

In the past, I had developed an allergy to latex which has got progressively more severe with each exposure. I was fearful for my life. Being a nurse that has put extreme restrictions on where I could work. This allergy got pretty severe at some point that I was no longer able to wear a stethoscope around as my neck would develop hives and I suffered severe bronchial tube constriction and wheezing.

Even though at work I was wearing latex free gloves, I was coming in contact with latex all the time by someone touching my arm with a latex glove, or just because latex particles were suspended in the air. Knowing that many plants that we use for consumption are related to latex have further restricted my diet.

The prognosis for recovery or just participating in life was very gleam as there are so many latex products in the world around us from balloons to car tires. I searched endlessly for a cure and finally I came across The Allergy [Kit] website and even though it sounded too simple to produce cure I tried it anyway and to my amazement it worked extremely well. Within days I no longer had a latex allergy and I can wear my stethoscope around my neck without developing hives or respiratory distress.

An additional bonus to the latex allergy cure was the fact that my sensitivity to perfumes, which I had for 20 years, has also completely disappeared. It has been already 6 years since I used the allergy kit and I am still allergy free.

Kristi B from Page, AZ

I wouldn't mind sharing a couple success stories I have experienced. First of all I bought my Kit a few months ago after a friend introduced me to his kit and what he treated himself with, which eliminated his life long allergy to Gluten.

I was so impressed that I ordered a Kit for my family and me. I didn't even know that I had an allergy to Heavy Metals until testing for it. I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and was seeking any answers I could get to help me with that most annoying disorder. To make a long story short, I also lived with terrible pain in my shoulders, arms & hand, having to take Motrin quite often and literally wrapping my arms in Ace Bandages at night just so I could get some sleep.

When I tested positive to that Vial and a few others, I decided to treat myself for that one first from my friends kit. I had not even considered treating for my joint pain. My doctor told me that I was getting arthritis (Bummer).  That night I had a severe reaction to that treatment, up most of the night with pain and thinking "what have I done!?" After about 24 hours later I woke up in the morning and every bit of my pain was GONE!

I could lift my arms over my head for the first time in years, I thought something was wrong with me because I was so used to the constant pain, it felt so relieving. I am now going on about 3 months and still no pain.

Meanwhile, I have received my kit and treated myself for all the other vials in it, just to make sure I covered everything, still seeking out the possibility of finding the right one to help with my RLS. My goal is to get off of the medication I take for it.

Now for my family & friends.... I have a friend that has been allergic to gluten his whole life, (he is 33 years old now). It was severe enough that they took out a piece of his intestine when he was younger. I taught him how to use the Laser and he treated himself with the Gluten Vial. We waited about 24 hours then he slowly ate a few crackers, nothing happened except a little bit of stomachache. (The usual is severe cramping and diarrhea). Each day he added something else until he no longer had any reaction, It is such a pleasure watching him enjoy life again without screening everything he consumes. He called me the other day and was so excited that he had a piece of Pizza! I told him now the only thing he has to worry about is gaining wt.!

I have helped my Daughter-in-law treat for pollen, weeds, & grass, so far so good but we are only a week into that treatment. We need to treat her for Cats & Dogs yet, which I ordered when I got my Kit. My daughter & my husband would like for me to order the vial for Herpes Simplex because they get cold sores quite often, they want to see if that will work for them.

Shirley Patterson, Homeopath from Hampshire, UK

I have now used the allergy kit on myself and 4 other patients and I have to recommend this amazing treatment. I have used health for touch to irradicate allergies in the past and NAET but I have to say they do not come close to this. It is non-invasive, cost effective and above all it has totally got rid of 20 years of food and intangible intolerances. What a great discovery!! Thank you for saving me and others from a lot of discomfort, dis-ease  and money!!!!!

It is wonderful to feel healthy and eat everything I want to whenever.
Thank you Herb for always taking the time to explain things I am unsure about. A big thanks to Dr. Ynge for continuing to push the frontiers of alternative safe treatments for her patients.

Kristy W from Richmond, TX

I have suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome off and on for 15 years.  I was miserable and humiliated and did not want people to see me for what I had become.  I had fatigue, muscle soreness, joint pain, brain fog, weakness, confusion, dizziness, asthma and etc. I also developed allergies to Dairy, Wheat, Eggs, Sugars, Dogs, Cats and more.   My condition had become so bad it was difficult for me to even get through a complete bath/shower and would be completely exhausted afterward.  I was not happy about the possibility of spending the rest of my life with this condition.

At the suggestion of a friend, I began acupuncture in April of 2012.  I have been having acupuncture most weeks since then and have had really good results.  However, the CFS was hanging on.  My acupuncturist loaned me a book about NAET.  I immediately researched the Internet for a practitioner in my area.  That's how I found The Allergy Kit.

After reading positive reviews I purchased The Allergy Kit along with two additional vials.  I was so happy when I received my kit in the mail and couldn't wait to get started.  I followed the directions and the video to the letter. I realized that I could get worse before getting better, so I wasn't surprised when the CFS symptoms worsened after the first treatment.  My fibromyalgia pain was off the charts after the first treatment.  So I just went to bed. I was actually kind of happy because that let me know it was doing something.

Let me tell you and everyone out there, it eliminated my chronic fatigue syndrome OVER NIGHT!!!!!  And yes, It was gone !!!!!  I woke up the next morning and didn't have pain or fatigue for the first time in a very long time.

Anyone who suffers with CFS knows that debilitating feeling you get when stress or Epstein Barr activates it or whatever.  I was in shock, that feeling was gone.

I have been going 100 mph ever since the first treatment!  I have been keeping up with treatments and I'm not finished yet.  I repeated the first treatment and the second.  So I am moving on to my third treatment next.  I had a bit of a reaction to the sugar mix (second treatment)...but nothing even close to CFS.  I figured I would have a reaction to the sugar mix because it's my favorite thing in the world!  Now, I just keep getting better and better.  Several friends and family members have told me that I look different, my eyes are bright and sparkling again and that I don't look puffy anymore.  I will email my final testimonial once I have completed the kit.  But I could not be happier!  I have my life back.  I will be ordering more vials too.  I cannot possibly thank you enough for The Allergy has been a true miracle.

Thank you so very much for giving me my life back.  I am so very grateful.


My daughter is 9 years old and has suffered from stomach aches for as long as I can remember. I tried everything to help her but didn't know what to do. After the first allergy treatment, her stomach aches just went away. Gone. Zippo. It brings tears to my eyes to realize how many years she suffered. If I only knew about The Allergy Kit earlier.


My relationship with my girlfriend was going along very well until she got this cat. I am allergic to cats. I told her it was either me or the cat. Well, that didn't work. She said I would get used to her. I didn't. As our relation continued to get better, she asked if I would move in with her. I was apprehensive because the longer I stayed around the cat, the worse I got. But this was the love of my life; how could I say no. The Allergy Kit saved my life and my relationship. After going through the treatments, I was surprised to be able to stay for extended periods of time around the cat. Now the cat and I are best friends. She can stay on my lap and "I have to say that I am really attached to that little guy."

Thank you Allergy Kit!

Jessica E from Yuma, Arizona

Since I have started using the allergy kit my quality of life has improved dramatically. I used to be allergic to almost everything and have had a wide array of symptoms from lactose intolerance to frequent sinus infections. I haven't been sick since I started the kit several months ago and I stopped taking allergy medication almost immediately. I continue to get more vials and feel better every week it seems.

Claudia V

I will go to the kinesiologist today, and he will muscle test my daughter for
lactose, casein and gluten. I am 100% confident, he will find a firm arm... so
will report back, ok?

Hello to you both,
Just came back from the kinesiologists...
Her muscle test for lactose, casein and gluten were perfect!
I'll do many more treatments on her, but these were her worst allergies.
I was certain it would be that way, but to have it mega confirmed, is amazing.

Brenda Berry

I've suffered with food and environmental allergies for most of my life, and had reached a point where my diet was extremely limited, and I had to exercise caution going out in public due to exposure to chemicals. I had tried and had decent results with allergy treatments with a practitioner, but found the cost of the visits to be prohibitive, especially for follow up re-treatments.

Finding The Allergy Kit has been the BEST thing to happen to me on my journey to wellness. The kit gives me the tools I need to treat myself, and with wonderful results, and is simple and straightforward to use! I am now able to enjoy foods that I had written off for good, and I am fit and actively participating in life again!

I had long given up hope of finding anything which would help me overcome my chronic condition, but the home allergy kit has given me hope and relief for what I assumed was a lifelong condition.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dr. of Chiropractic

Having suffered with allergic reactions my whole life and been subjected to countless scratch tests for allergic reactions and the subsequent years of serum injections, I was intrigued by your system and products.  A friend who also suffers from severe allergies used your product and recommended it to me.  I have been very satisfied with the results of using The Allergy Kit.  There's been a dramatic reduction in the allergic response to my sensitivity to grains, lactose, and molds which I attribute to your product.  Thank you for the development of this process.  I am over the age of 70 and looking forward to years of allergy free living.

Zoe from San Diego, CA

I've been a long-time sufferer of eczema ever since childhood. I'd been given various steroid creams to treat the symptoms, and that's about all the doctors knew how to do. A few years ago I found that certain foods triggered my eczema (gluten and dairy), and that if I abstained from those foods for a period of time, my body was able to recover and the rashes went away.

However there are so many delicious dishes out there to enjoy! Having to restrict my diet in this way was taking some of the joy out of eating. It was frustrating to have to order a less appetizing item on the menu because the one I really wanted had cheese on it. Pizza was a huge no-no, and gluten-free crusts all taste like crackers. What's a foodie to do?

Enter the Allergy Kit. I had my doubts about whether this unorthodox system would work, but I was willing to give it a shot. If it didn't work for me in 30 days I could get my money back, so what did I have to lose? I was really looking forward to throwing away these harmful steroid creams. I ordered the kit and did one round of treatments.

To my disappointment there was very little difference. Luckily I remembered reading that multiple treatments may be needed, depending on how severe your allergies are, so I did a second round of treatments... and this time I saw a difference! I was able to eat a lot more no-no foods before I saw any flareups in my skin.

I'm going to perform additional treatments to get even better, but I now have hope that I can be rid of these allergies for good. If you're on the fence about whether to try it or not, I say go for it. Western medicine is completely ruled by the pharmaceutical industry, so give these alternative treatments a chance.

Ann in AZ

Our story is a long one, but I will try to shorten it a bit. Basically my husband, I and all 3 of our children after years of suffering went on a gluten free diet. My husband and girls all tested positive for celiacs disease as well as my mother. I went on the diet before being tested and responded well to the diet.

For 8 years we suffered with reading labels and avoiding events centered around food. Birthday parties were not so fun. It did help us feel a little better but made life miserable, and any cross contamination made us sick again. Our seasonal allergies were getting worse every year, and I developed allergies to my allergy medicine.

My youngest began breaking out in hives and her face and hands would swell when she was exposed to flour in the air at homes where people were cooking. That was the last straw. We were in a world of hurt and I had no idea what I was going to do this summer with all the allergies combined. One day, a cousin told me that she and her children could eat gluten again after seeing an NAET doctor.

I have to admit my first reaction was that I felt a little angry. I figured she had been duped. It is typical human nature to reject what we are not familiar with. But after talking to her more, I began to see the concept maybe did make sense. We took our youngest to the doctor. It worked and we were thrilled, except for one thing, we began adding up all the treatments we would all need and the travel time to get there. WOW, we would have to be quite wealthy to cure all our allergies! We certainly could not afford it. That was not acceptable to us.

Now that we knew it was indeed possible, we all wanted to get rid of our allergies. Luckily my husband found this website. It has changed our lives so much. We are ridding ourselves of allergies, no need to be at the mercy of the clinics. No more passing on social activities or sitting with an empty plate at them. I am no longer dreading the summer season, now I am excited that I can go out and enjoy summer activities. They say you can't cure celiac disease. I don't know what happened, all I know is we can eat whatever we want again.

The allergy kit is truly a God send and I thank Him everyday for this miracle. I tell everyone about it now. My sister and parents have gotten their kits and are enjoying better health, as well as a few other relatives we know. The most amazing is that my mom is in her 70s and was a very sensitive celiac who now has no problems with eating foods containing gluten.

Now my hope is that everyone can hear about or find this website and know that they no longer have to suffer with allergies.


My allergies were so bad that I had to see a specialist who prescribed two different types of medication. They worked for a while , then they stopped, and they were quite expensive. Worse, they had side effects that made my life miserable and kept me feeling yucky all the time.

My life, as I once remembered, had turned to a daily fight just to feel good. I’d wake up having a good day, and something would happen to trigger an attack, and it could take me days to recuperate. I tried so hard, but I couldn't really figure out what was causing my problems.

My friend told me about a natural allergy treatment. At first I didn't think anything about it. "Nothing could help me. I tried everything." When she called me again, I promised to check it out. Still took 2 more weeks. But I am so happy that I did.

The process is very different from anything I ever tried. It didn't even make sense. But I did it anyway. I was desperate......And it worked!

I now have a future without suffering. I’ve got my life back. I can eat almost anything, and life's looking better every day.

My kids are next.

Sandy in Baltimore

Your product is fabulous! I couldn't believe it really worked on all of my allergies: lactose intolerance, pollen, dust, dogs and cats. My asthma is pretty much non-existent now. But the bad news is now that I can eat ice cream, I do! I've had weight struggles all of my life and kept it well in check until my 40's. It has become increasingly more and more difficult to lose weight even when I do eat right.

Marion, Age 70

TAK has helped me!  I am a disabled senior that is not able to get out of bed often due to my poor health.  I currently have a severe skin rash on my body, which I was desperate to see if the kit could help me.  My daughter began using TAK and I was intrigued as to how it was helping her.  My daughter used the kit on me while I am laying in my bed.

I have always had severe candida/yeast issues for over 20 years.  Due to this, my daughter felt my current skin issue was related to my known candida problem.  When it came time for me to use the vials with sugar/candida, I had a skin reaction just from the vials touching the skin on my stomach.  The owners of TAK quickly returned our calls in reference to my skin concerns and they suggested going forward that we perform the rest of the vials via surrogate (just for safety).  Since I am strong willed, I chose to continue to put the vials on my stomach and to my happy surprise, I no longer reacted "skin wise" to the vials.

I could tell the difference in how the allergy kit was helping me, in general to feel better.  My skin is slowly healing day by day, especially because I chose to take advantage of The Allergy Kit along with my family.

Since I have so many issues with candida, we also placed a capsule of the probiotic (that I often take) on my stomach along with some of the vials during my Speed Round.  This too seems to be helping!  I am excited to continue using this product and not even have to leave my bed to do so!!!!!

Joyce L

Wanted to first let you know after a speed round of all 7 vials (again) and doing my Heat and Damp vials I went on my Florida vacation Feb. 2 - 6 and had no ankle swelling on my flight or the entire trip. I brought select vials down with me and never had to use them.
The weather was rain and cold before I got there, but the morning of my arrival it had stopped raining and the temps hit 85 and the remainder days the temps were in the upper 80s.
Keeping in mind I was at Walt Disney World and took my pace on my own because I was alone, but the important part was I felt GREAT. In November I had gone with my husband and was sick a good part of the vacation with swollen legs and red rash on my legs.

Art Z from Anacortes, WA

The Allergy Kit is an absolutely wonderful tool. I grew up in a family of major sugar eaters and have always had the craving. Not anymore. The occasional after effects of eating some foods, such as bread, are gone. This is better than NAET, with which I had 15 treatments. It's faster, at home and I can treat for several items at a time. As an energy worker I have devised a way of potentizing allergens that I muscle test for and have used the tapping method to rid myself of many more irritants. I could not be more pleased with this investment.

Mari from Summerville, SC

I have been a Type 1 Diabetic since the age of 5.  After having my second child, I received a vaccination, which seemed to trigger my health to decline quickly in several areas.  I now have additional health issues with my thyroid, adrenal and weight.  I have noticed recently that each time I am exposed to pesticides (even in mild form), I feel like I have the flu for days.  I have been on an "almost" 100% grain free diet for a while now, but it has not helped my health as I had hoped it would.
Each time I used The Allergy Kit, I would ingest lots of water prior to beginning and always sat in a chair with both feet flat on the floor during the treatments.  I also went in a clockwise and zig-zag motion to make sure that I covered each area fully.  I am not sure if this helped, but each time I would muscle test 2 days post each treatment to confirm that each vial treated previously had held strong ... and each did hold strong!

I noticed after each treatment, I would often feel my body adjusting to the new frequency.  I would feel "not well" as though my body was fighting off a sickness, however the symptoms seemed to only lasted for a day.  I especially noticed this after the vial that included toxins (pesticides a known problem for me) and the final vial which includes endocrine (my main health issue).  To me, when I felt "not well" it meant my body was adjusting/cleansing and this was positive!
By the time I completed all 7 vials, my body seemed to "feel" stronger.  I no longer felt tired each morning, instead I had energy which I had not felt in almost 10 years.  I was able to eat sourdough bread with no issues (as before using TAK, I could not eat any form of gluten without my stomach really hurting for a day or two).  I have noticed that my sense of smell has become more alive (and I did not even realize that it was not functioning properly before using TAK).  I no longer feel stress constantly, I now feel when it comes on.  I am sure using the stress vial with each treatment has greatly helped with this.  My family has shared with me MANY times that they can tell that I am more calm as a whole and especially during stressful situations.

I also used my own salt glass container and a bottle of my insulin during some of my final kit treatments just to see if they might hold.  I think these helped me both on a cellular level and with my glucose control.  My body now feels thinner, not bloated around my stomach (as I often have felt over the past few years).  We were amazed that my survey score before using TAK was a 42, and now it is all the way down to a 20!

During my free phone consultation with Dr Ljung, she answered my multitude of questions.  This conversation helped me to confirm which additional vials would be best not only for me, but also for each member of my family.  We are so excited that there is allergy relief and you do not have to travel hours away to obtain it!  The freedom to use The Allergy Kit at home, whenever needed at no additional cost for each person, each time... is priceless to our family!!!!

Marjorie S

The kit has been a real blessing to me and I have finally reached the point where I feel like I am coming out of the woods, so to speak, and am feeling like my health is returning. All this after many years of NAET treatments that never seemed to get to the bottom of things.

Peter from Summerville, SC

The Allergy Kit has been a HUGE BLESSING!!!!  I have struggled with "issues" since my early childhood (including learning/speech delays, poor handwriting/concentration, social awkwardness, etc.).  When I had additional vaccinations during my military career, I soon noticed an increase in several existing and new areas (anxiety, anger and gastrointestinal, just to name a few).
I have been on a very strict Gluten Free (and almost grain free - GAPS) diet for the past 18 months, but unfortunately it did not help my severe intolerance to gluten.  It was not until I used The Allergy Kit, that I have finally felt relief from gluten!  Now if I happen to eat something at a restaurant that has been slightly contaminated with gluten, I no longer have a reaction for hours or days.  THIS IS HUGE TO ME!  In the past, when I ingested a gluten contaminated food, I would have to use bi-carb to calm my reaction and it still would often cause me to have a "foggy brain" for days.

My family and I found it most helpful to keep ourselves well hydrated both before and after each session.  There were many times post using vials 1-7 that I would notice that my body was detoxing. It seemed that the detox reactions normally only lasted about 25 hours.

A huge, unexpected blessing that happened a few days after completing all vials individually, then my 1st Speed Round (using 7 vials during one treatment) was major relief from warts on my foot!  I had tried EVERYTHING in the last 6 months both natural and some strong OTC products to help get rid of the warts.  Nothing seemed to work, until now.  Within days of completing my first Speed Round my cluster of warts went from 50+ to under 10 and even the skin under the wart area looks new.  I am certain that The Allergy Kit helped to boost my immune system to help to do, what no other products (including essential oils) was able to do.

My health survey score went from an 18 before starting TAK to only 6.   My family and I are excited to find allergy relief that we can do in the privacy of our home.  We are in the process now of purchasing additional vials for our specific issues.  This has been a huge blessing to us, that we desire to share with others!

Donde W

The allergy kit has already changed my daughter's life dramatically. She is 22 and she has not known a single day without nausea since she was 4 years old... until NOW! We just completed the 7 vials on her and the nausea disappeared after vial number 2. She has been dangerously under weight for years, but has gained 8 pounds in the past 2 weeks. This is an answer to prayer. I am also doing the treatments. I have a question. I suffer from extreme hot flashes (age 50). Will the kit correct that or do I need to treat with a specific additional vial for that? Thank you and God bless you.

Answer: The Thyroid/Adrenal vial could help if you are allergic to any of the hormones that are produced by these glands. We can be allergic to anything, even things that our body produces and is supposed to be beneficial for us.


Has had The Allergy Kit for a couple of years. See how it has changed her life and those around her.

Rebecca from GA

Emotions Kit Testimonial
Procrastination Gone. ADD Improved.


Depression Gone
And my energy is back. I can finally exercise again.

Melissa from Houston, TX

Abstaining No Longer Necessary with the premium kit

Matthew Hurtdado

Daily Headaches Gone



Hi, This is Herb from The Allergy Kit . com and I got a testimonial the other day that I really wanted to share with you. Hi Matthew. I know you bought The Allergy Kit and I wanted to get your feedback.


Sure. The first treatment, I noticed shift immediately after I followed your video, I did everything step by step and as I left the vial in place, I just noticed like, just a clarity that just came over me. And I even told my wife, I said hey, something has really happened here. Um, and one thing that I had been struggling with; I felt a heaviness every day, especially in my legs. My legs just felt heavy and they weren't, something was just not right. But the next day, I had normal legs again. Like light, I felt like I could walk. Everything was well and I hadn't had this experience in about 3 years and I definitely know that first treatment with the milk and the dairy, it just, it really just knocked that out and I am amazed that it could be that simple.


Matthew, you say you are a body builder, is that correct.


I've been a body builder for over 10 years and a lot of the things that I consume on a daily basis has a lot of dairy in it, a lot of the whey protein and a lot of the shakes. So I guess that was making me sick. I don't want to stop doing it but I am just glad that to allow me to do it and I don't have to be sick all the time.


Well, that's the great thing about it, you don't have to stop. You are no longer allergic to dairy.


Yea, it really is a miracle. Like I said, I've done the Healing Codes and I've done a lot of things, I've done acupuncture I'd done a lot of things to treat these symptoms over the years. But nothing has worked this fast, and I am on my, gonna be on my 5th treatment, and I have had the light legs ever since the first day and I eat dairy still and having no reactions.


That's wonderful. You say after vial 2, you had some better results on what, what did you say.


I did, well, another symptom I was having was like headaches on a daily basis and I didn't know if it was from dehydration or what it was from, but it was another symptom that I had learned to deal with, but after the second vial, I did exactly what you recommended. I treated myself and I stayed away from all the sugars for the whole next day and I haven't had a headache since. It's been, that's just been another blessing because now I can go through my work day, I own a business and I don't feel like I have to leave at 5:00 because I am pale and sick again. I feel good, no headaches.


That's wonderful. I really appreciate it and I can't wait to hear after you've finish the kit.


Yea, me too. I'm looking forward to more results.


Thank you so much.


Thank you.


So, let me tell you a little about how The Allergy Kit works. First of all it's energy medicine and comes with 7 vials. These vials hold the energetic charge of the allergy that we are treating. It also comes with a cold laser. The laser is used to transfer the energy from the vial to the body and to stimulate the acupuncture meridians in the presence of the allergen. That way, we eliminate the allergy. Also, the treatment only takes a few minutes and it also comes with out 100% money back guarantee. We do have a promotion for a short time that will allow you to try the kit for $1. Just pay $1 plus $9 shipping and we'll send you out the kit so you can try it before you but it. Go to and press on, try it for $1.


Couldn't Eat Chicken

Her son's disposition improved after the first treatment.

Lisa Keyes

Uses The Emotion Kit in her practice for depression and grief

Joe Stevens

All Allergy Symptoms Gone

Dr. Sharrie Hanley, ND

Hives and Allergies

Hear how she can eat whatever she wants now.

As a naturopathic doctor since 1993 I have learned and used many modalities in and out of my practice. When I became allergic to certain foods I knew what I had to do.  Through my education and knowledge I started the process and made headway with the hives and allergies.  However, it seemed like no matter what I did I didn't seem to conquer them completely.

I began doing research to see if there was anything new to learn and came across The Allergy Kit. In working with kinesiology, acupressure, nosodes, EFT, etc. it all seemed to make sense to me. I ordered the kit and within three rounds I can say I am eating any food I wish without any allergic reaction or hives.

I have since ordered the dog allergy kit for a friend as well as the emotional vials for experimentation and look forward to the results.
On a side note I want to say that working with Herb over the phone has been a pleasure.  The service and commitment he has to servicing his customer base is complimentary to a great product.


The Allergy Kit vs NAET




Severe Allergies for 10 Years. My Kids Also Had Allergies.

Please note: The $1 offer discussed in this video has expired.


Hives Gone


Milk Allergy Gone


Stephanie in Costa Rica

Gluten Intolerance Gone
Almost Dead - Couldn't Walk



Hi, This is Herb from The Allergy Kit . com and I got a testimonial the other day that I really wanted to share with you. This girl called and said " I couldn't even walk up my driveway. How long were you sick?


On and off for about 3 years but very sick for 2.


And how would you say your health is now?


I'd say that I am on the mend. I am getting definitely back to me, to being normal you know, what I consider normal. Let me tell you a little background first of how very very ill I was for 2 years and in fact, I was almost dead a couple of times. I was so sick from a mold allergy and I was in the emergency room at least once and had a complete unconscious episode. I was very sick, I was ready to try anything. So when I got this, I was so excited and it was like the hope that I had and I did it very very slowly because of the degree of illness, so I was very careful with the vials and I did them repeatedly, some of them, not all of them, but some of them. I was kinda well, maybe it will work, maybe it won't, but I am willing to try anything and now at this point, now that I have finished, and I am actually able to walk. Before I couldn't even walk up my driveway. And now I can go for a walk, I can exercise, um do my housework and before I couldn't even barely get dressed.


Wow. Sounds like you got your life back.


I did get my life back.


That's great.


And I am so excited, yea.


When you bought The Allergy Kit, what did you think of it?


Well, I had had some experience with the EFT and I am studying homeopathy and I have been for about 20 years, so I had great hopes, but I didn't have a lot of faith that I was going to feel better. So I was surprised.


Pleasantly surprised . . .




So you had also mentioned to me earlier about the, how your diet has changed and you're eating hamburgers now because . . .




Tell me a little about that?


Well, I had known that I had a wheat allergy for probable about 10 years so I just gave up wheat altogether which was a difficult thing, you know. In the American world, giving up wheat is very hard, but I did it, and I felt better, and now, after doing the wheat vial, I have had hamburgers, and pizza and pasta, ha ha. I'm not so sure it's a great thing but I enjoyed it and am able to do it now.


Definitely. That's wonderful. So you've also done some other vials?


Yes, I've done the mold vial, and the pollen vial and I think that's all, oh pesticides. Before, there was a field across the way, they were spraying on a daily basis because it was a tomato field and I was very ill from that. That was before I did the vial. I'm going to be doing some more of these vials, once I get them. Household chemicals, and stress and dust are the next three that I will do. And uh, I think that I should be pretty squared away after that.


That is wonderful. I just, it makes me feel great every time I speak to somebody who has results like you have. Wow, sometimes the results from The Allergy Kit even impress me. So, let me tell you a little about how The Allergy Kit works. First of all it's energy medicine and comes with 7 vials. These vials hold the energetic charge of the allergy that we are treating. It also comes with a cold laser. The laser is used to transfer the energy from the vial to the body and to stimulate the acupuncture meridians in the presence of the allergen. That way, we eliminate the allergy. Also, the treatment only takes a few minutes and it also comes with out 100% money back guarantee. We do have a promotion for a short time that will allow you to try the kit for $1. Just pay $1 plus $9 shipping and we'll send you out the kit so you can try it before you but it. Go to and press on, try it for $1.

Diana C

Fear Vial stopped my Heart Palpations

Every morning when I wake up my heart starts racing and pounding very hard as if I was in a "Fight or Flight" situation for 10 years! The good news is - the FEAR vial freed me! I placed the FEAR Vial + the STRESS vial on my body. I did 3 sessions in one day 4 hours apart. I woke up the next morning with NO Heart racing. Thank you God that you can make a way where there seems to be no way. Thank God for "The Allergy Kit" and the EMOTION vials. It's a miracle!

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